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Styles in Homeschooling

Structured Semi-structured Informal GOALS Promote self-discipline, good work habits,develop good memory-can’t be creative in a vacuum Integrate education with everyday learning while producing children who are self-directed, self-disciplined and who love learning. Give child joy in learning.Foster creativity.Allow the child to grow from within. CURRICULUM Tends to be textbook oriented Uses textbooks and workbooks Tends […]

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Unschooling Ontario

The term “unschooling” was coined by John C. Holt, known as the “father” of the modern homeschooling movement. It refers to an approach to homeschooling in which children are allowed to continue (or return to) the natural, curiosity-driven, discovery-mediated learning that all children engage in as babies and toddlers. As such, it is child-led learning

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Learning Styles

There is growing recognition that different people have different learning styles. While teaching methods used in schools are still mostly geared to certain styles of learning and not others, homeschooling parents can custom tailor their approach to the way each child learns best and to what each child might need to develop. To that end,

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Curriculum and Materials

Many parents contemplating homeschooling have questions about curriculum guidelines and materials: What is a curriculum? What are curriculum materials? A curriculum (plural: curricula; from the Latin meaning ‘race course’) is a course of study designed to result in a specific set of learning outcomes. Conventional curricula, such as those of the school system, are deliberately constructed in

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Socialization of Homeschooled Children

Homeschoolers often refer to “socialization” as the “S” word — it’s a common concern among those who are unfamiliar with the realities of life as a homelearner, and thus the question, “But what about socialization?” has become infamous. The question sometimes takes other forms: “Are home educated children adequately socialized?” “Aren’t homeschoolers too isolated from

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Famous Homeschoolers

Need some proof that homeschooling is a perfectly valid form of education and won’t ruin your child’s chances at a successful future? Here are some examples of the many successes that homeschoolers can attain. (Let us know of any others we’ve missed in our list!) U.S. Presidents John Adams John Quincy Adams Grover Cleveland James

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What is deschooling? For parents, deschooling is a deconditioning of one’s way of thinking about education. It involves reevaluating what education is really about, what the learning process looks like in real life as opposed to just the institutional setting of school, what knowledge and skills are important to learn as opposed to just assigned

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