Home Education Events in Ontario

Events for homeschoolers in Ontario include field trips for the kids and conferences for the parents. Some are organized by the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents, but we've also included information about events organized by other homeschooling groups and individual home educators, as well as other types of events and activities that are not specifically for homeschoolers but may be of interest to homelearners or teaching parents.

OFTP information meetings

If you would like to host an Information meeting in your area, please contact OFTP.

Field trips and organized activities

You can get together with other homeschooling families for field trips and other outings for the kids. Most support groups organize activities, but you can also join the Ontario Homeschool Trips group on Facebook to find out what's happening in your area, sign up for a field trip, or announce one you've organized yourself.

Support groups Open House

If your local support group would like to announce an Open House here, please contact the website manager with the details.

Summertime picnics

Nothing planned at the moment.