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Here’s our list of homeschooling books as recommended by our membership. Whether you’re new to home education or a long-time homeschooler looking for renewed inspiration, check out some of these books.  

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These approaches also emphasize critical thinking, creativity, and independence, allowing children to develop skills that are increasingly valuable in today’s rapidly changing world.

We hope that these resources will inspire you to rethink traditional approaches to education and consider the possibilities offered by educating your children at home. 

We’ve also included some Canadian authors (near the bottom).

If you’d like to add your favourite homeschooling books to this list, contact us!

Top "Must Have" Homeschooling Books

This collection offers a brief overview of homeschooling, deschooling and unschooling concepts.  These approaches prioritize a child-centred approach to learning, offering benefits like flexibility, customization, and independence.  The collection provides practical tips, strategies, and philosophical discussions, empowering parents to take charge of their children’s education while creating a more inclusive educational landscape.


Why Homeschool?

How to Homeschool


Teaching Special Needs Kids


Canadian Authors (Non-Fiction)

Scientist of the Day by Linda Pierce Picciotto
The Science Book for Girls and Other Intelligent Beings by Valerie Wyatt
ArtGram: Art of Math Education by Jeni Van Kesteren and Laura Briscoe
The Computer and the Cancelled Music Lessons: Data Science for Children by Shingai Manjengwa
Mr. Pigglesworth Financial Literacy Books by Nicole Angelica Cadwallader
The Canucks by Mickey Eves

Canadian Authors (Fiction)

Autumn Stories, written and illustrated by Marty Layne
The Zaporadia Girls, by Ayeshah Somani (Ayeshah is a home educated student in Canada)

If you would like to suggest other homeschooling books to add to this list, please contact us with the title, author and link to purchase.