The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents

Families may withdraw their children to homeschool at any time of the year.

Please see our steps to getting started with homeschooling for details on how to withdraw your child.

If you choose to provide a written notification of your intent to homeschool, the OFTP has made a form template available for your use, based on the the sample letter provided in Appendix B of the government’s Policy/Program Memorandum No.131 (PPM131): Sample Letter Indicating Notification of Intent to Provide Home Schooling.

You may also use the sample form from PPM131 directly.

You do NOT have to fill out any of the forms from Appendix D of PPM131. Those are to be used by the school board in the event of an investigation.

Should you choose to notify the school/board that you are choosing to Homeschool you can access the OFTP form template of a written notification of intent to homeschool (not required) here:

You may also use the form provided by your school board. Be aware, some school boards request more information than is strictly necessary on their intent to homeschool forms. You do NOT have to provide any more information than your child’s name, date of birth, gender, and your name and contact info. If the form provided by your school board asks for more information than necessary, we recommend using the OFTP form instead, if you choose to provide any notification of your intent to homeschool at all.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of school board contact information and where to send your written notification of your intent to homeschool for each board. We have also noted which school boards have problematic, missing, misleading or incorrect information on their homeschooling documents, when we have been able to access them.

School Board Contact Info

PPM131 directs school boards to reply to these written notifications of intent to homeschool with a letter of acknowledgement, based on Appendix C.

Not all school boards will do this automatically, so if you would like a written response, you may wish to request one specifically.

These letters of acknowledgement can be useful for

  1. accessing accredited high school courses through the Independent Learning Centre (ILC)
  2. as proof of homeschooling for legal purposes (ie. in the instance of a custody dispute, etc.)
  3. accessing school health support services (SHSS) for children requiring school-based therapies (i.e., OT, speech, etc.)
  4. as proof of care of children, for purposes of tax audits by the CRA
  5. as proof of care of children for social service income supports (though no longer required)
  6. accessing GED testing (through ILC) if your child is under age 19