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Online Summits and Conferences — Winter 2021

Canadian Online Homeschool Conference 2021 https://canadianhomeschoolconference.com/”Confidence. Community. Canada” February 3 – 9, 2021OnlineHosted by The Canadian Homeschooler (Lisa-Marie Fletcher)”50+ Speakers. Nearly 60 Sessions for New Homeschoolers, Veteran Homeschoolers, Families with Disabled and Neurodivergent Learners, and sessions specifically for Kids & Youth. Live Interactive Events. Prizes & Giveaways. Special Offers & More.” The speaking sessions are

Online summits for parents — Fall 2020

Online Summits & Conferences Fall 2020

Online Summits & Conferences of interest to homeschooling parents — Fall 2020

“Not Going Back To School” gatherings — fall 2020

“Not Back To School” gatherings have traditionally been held outside, at parks or other outdoor community spaces. This year, that open space advantage can help with holding them in spite of the pandemic, with physical distancing in mind. Here are the ones of which we’re aware.

Homeschooling FAQ: How do I decide what approach to take?

How we approach the academic aspect of our children’s learning has an impact on their development and well-being in other dimensions of their being as well: physical, social, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual. A number of homeschooling approaches are described on the OFTP’s webpage about teaching methods and learning philosophies. But when you’re first starting