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Solidarity with Quebec Homeschoolers

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents stands in solidarity with homeschooling families in Quebec in opposition to the proposed changes to the regulation of home education in that province. Here is the letter we sent to the Quebec Minister of Education:

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A Reflection on my Internship Experience with OFTP

All students going through the Teacher Education Program at the University of Toronto must complete an internship in order to graduate. From the beginning of the year I knew that I wanted to do an internship that involved the topic of homeschooling. Even before we had children my husband and I seriously thought about the

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Good News!! School Health Support Services Update

There has been a positive change in the service delivery model for School Health Support Services. The service delivery model for SHSS is now the same as it is for the Personal Support initiative. This means that the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will still assess children for eligibility and determine the type and level

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Press Soup

Recently OFTP was asked to comment in the press about the newly proposed tax credits for families sending their children to private schools. Donna Sheehan and members of the executive drafted and sent a brief statement after inviting email discussion about it. I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this request, showing their

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School Health Support Services Phase 2

The August 2000 issue of Home Rules published an article on the extension of school health support services by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) to independent and home school children. Phase 1 of that initiative took effect in September, 2000. Children taught at home and those in independent schools finally have the

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Extended School Health Services for Homeschoolers – report of problems

In the August 2000 issue of Home Rules, it was reported by Albert Lubberts, President of OFTP, that School Health Support Services would be extended to all independent schools as well as home educated school aged children in the province. This new initiative came into effect on September 2000. The services covered are: occupational therapy,

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1999 – Ministry of Education Meetings Update

Talks with the Ministry of Education resumed on October 4th in Hamilton. In attendance were Jim Sebastian, Provincial School Attendance Counselor (PSAC), Pierce Thomas, president of the Ontario Association of Counseling and Attendance Services (OACAS), Glen Purcell, Scarborough attendance counselor, Des Brennan, attendance counselor from the Hamilton-Wentworth school board, Jack Barbibeau, Director from Home Schooling

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OFTP at Bill 160 Legislative Hearings

OFTP President Albert Lubberts outlined for the committee the education choices available to Ontario residents under the Education Act of this province. He stressed the fact that parents may, without government interference, choose to provide a learning environment at home under the sections dealing with private schools or under Section 21 which speaks of home

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