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Links to information on homeschooling.

There is a lot of unreliable information on homeschooling out there.  A big part of this fact is that there are so many different rules in different jurisdictions. The OFTP operates in Ontario, Canada, and our information reflects the regulations in Ontario.  Homeschooling in Ontario is relatively easy, when compared to other places. We have little regulation, no reporting or testing requirements, and an active and growing community.  Even here, though, there are many conflicting ideas about aspects of homeschooling that are not based on the Ontario Education Act.  The OFTP can help navigate these conflicts.

That said, we have collected a huge amount of information on the subject.  To help Ontarians achieve a bit more clarity on the requirements to homeschool, we present the following series of articles.

Please explore these links.

We have compiled a quick reference guide to some of the topics that are most frequently on the minds of those considering homeschooling.  OFTP voluteers do their best to keep this information up to date and accurate.  If you find this page helpful, please consider clicking Join Now and becoming an OFTP member.  For more information on the benefits of OFTP membership, please visit this page.  Member support is crucial to the operations of the OFTP.

While we are an Ontario based organisation, many of our members can provide guidance for homeschoolers in other jurisdictions.  If you aren’t able to find the information you need, please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or want to talk to one of our advocates. You can contact us here!