The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents

Good News!! School Health Support Services Update

There has been a positive change in the service delivery model for School Health Support Services.

The service delivery model for SHSS is now the same as it is for the Personal Support initiative. This means that the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will still assess children for eligibility and determine the type and level of service required. However, the CCACs will no longer refer the student to a contracted service provider for service. Instead, the CCAC will flow funds directly to the school (or through a local agency for homeschooled children) and verify that the funding was used for approved services.

Since implementation of SHSS in private schools has been slower in some areas than anticipated, this funding is retroactive to September 2000 for any eligible children who were receiving professional health services. This means that a school or parent will be reimbursed for professional health services that could have been provided through SHSS since September 2000 but were not.

In other words, the budget has not been used up. If you are privately contracting approved services, contact the CCAC, have an assessment done and get your money back. Plus, you can continue using the agency you are using and have the CCAC pay the agency on your behalf.