Spring 2019 Home Education Conferences

Dates, locations, and registration links for the Homeschool Conferences happening in Ontario in Spring 2019.

What Must an Educated Person Know?

In an article titled The Curriculum of Necessity or What Must an Educated Person Know?, John Taylor Gatto quoted Harvard University’s list of ten qualities it suggests are essential to successfully adapting to the rapidly changing world of work: The ability to define problems without a guide. The ability to ask hard questions which challenge

Inspiration Deficit Disorder

Instead of an “attention-deficient” student, we ought to worry about an “inspiration-deficient” classroom

Émissions de télévision éducatives

Voici une liste d’émissions éducatives pour enfants francophones (semblables à Bill Nye The Science Guy).  Veuillez noter que le spectateur doit pouvoir parler assez couramment le français. Un grand nombre d’émissions sont disponibles en visionnage légal sur YouTube. Science et technologie C’est pas sorcier Émission scientifique sur France 3. Les thématiques abordées sont très variées

Teen transitions

As the web manager for the Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page, I somehow got put on the newsletter mailing list for TeenMentalHealth.org. […] the main reason I’m blogging about this is to let you know of something else I discovered on the Teen Mental Health website: an online or downloadable booklet called Transitions. […]

Vos contributions en français sont les bienvenues !

Nous espérons avoir des articles de blog en français plus tard. Si vous voulez contribuer vos écrits sur l’école à la maison, ou sur d’autres rubriques qui s’y rapportent, veuillez nous contacter.

“Children are people…”

“Children are people; they grow into tomorrow only as they live today.” (John Dewey)

“…try ignorance”

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” (Derek Bok)

“Imagination is more important…”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” (Albert Einstein)

“Was it time well spent?”

“The adults of today spent twenty-five hours of their young lives learning quadratic equations, with varying degrees of success. Was it time well spent?” (Philip Gammage)