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The Most Important Thing Your Child Should Know About Math

In a study at Columbia and Stanford (Blackwell, Trzesniewski, and Dweck, 2007), researchers looked at the math performance of students in seventh grade, divided into two groups: an intervention group and a control group. Both groups received some enriching academic activities, as well as some instruction in study skills. So one might assume that both

“How do I homeschool my 3 year old?” (or any child under age 7)

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries about how to homeschool a preschool child. It makes me wonder if there’s been a rise in social pressures that make parents think that their own natural parenting is somehow inadequate, that they have to ‘get down to business’ as soon as possible, and that what that

Holiday Gift-Giving? Give a gift made by an OFTP Member!

Holiday Gift-Giving? Give a gift made by an OFTP Member!

Letting you know early so there’s time for shipping: We have some talented people in the OFTP membership! Check out what some of our members have on offer for gift-giving this holiday season! Browse by artist: Wendy Elizabeth Hart – Freeschoolin’ Author, Illustrator Marian Buchanan – Artist Or skip to a product: children’s book by

“Do we have to homeschool French?”

Do we have to homeschool French?

Information valid for Ontario at the time of publication – October 2018 Short answer: no. Longer answer: there are good reasons to learn French (some to do with social advantages, others to do with brain development), and certain things to be aware of when a child or youth enters the school system after a time

“Can we homeschool part-time?”

Can we homeschool part-time?

Information valid for Ontario at the time of publication – August 2019 It’s not uncommon for Ontario parents who are considering homeschooling to ask us the question: “Can we homeschool part-time?” But in order to provide the relevant information, first we need to know whether it’s about homeschooling for a portion of the day (or

Solidarity with Quebec Homeschoolers

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents stands in solidarity with homeschooling families in Quebec in opposition to the proposed changes to the regulation of home education in that province. Here is the letter we sent to the Quebec Minister of Education: https://ontariohomeschool.org/OFTP-letter-Quebec.pdf

May is Homeschooling Awareness Month

May is Homeschooling Awareness Month!

Spring 2019 Home Education Conferences

Homeschool Conferences in Ontario Spring 2019

Dates, locations, and registration links for the Homeschool Conferences happening in Ontario in Spring 2019.

What Must an Educated Person Know?

In an article titled The Curriculum of Necessity or What Must an Educated Person Know?, John Taylor Gatto quoted Harvard University’s list of ten qualities it suggests are essential to successfully adapting to the rapidly changing world of work: The ability to define problems without a guide. The ability to ask hard questions which challenge