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Home Education and the Law (1996)

All homeschoolers in Ontario should know what the Education Act says about homeschooling. In section 21[2], the Act says that a child is excused from compulsory attendance at (public) school if he or she is receiving “satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere.” Section 24[2] states: “Where the parent or guardian of a child considers that

Public Perceptions of Home-Based Education

Many home-based educators know Ontario writer Paul Kropp from his critically-acclaimed book The Reading Solution, a cogent analysis and discussion of how and why people learn to read. Last year Mr. Kropp moved a little further afield when he produced The School Solution (Random House of Canada). In his new book, Mr. Kropp devoted exactly

Getting and Giving Support

Getting and Giving Support, an article on finding or forming a homeschool support group, written by Mary Shaw and published in the March 1996 issue of Home Rules, the newsletter of the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents.