Home Education magazines, e-zines, newsletters, blogs, radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube clips and channels

There used to be more home education magazines, some of which were published right here in Canada. Nowadays, the media are more likely to be YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs, often produced by an individual homeschooling parent or family. For the sake of quality, this is a somewhat curated list of selected ones of which we're aware. Most are for homeschooling parents, but some may be by and/or for homelearners.

We've also included some resources for alternative lifestyles that include homeschooling among their topics.

Homeschooling and unschooling magazines

Life Learning Magazine archives Canadian resource -
An online archive of articles published in the (previously print) Life Learning Magazine by Wendy Priesnitz, author of Challenging Assumptions in Education and other books. Articles to inspire and provide information about self-directed learning and natural parenting.

Home Education Magazine archives
American. Starting in 1984, HEM was the leading homeschooling magazine in the U.S. for decades until they were forced to shut down after a defamation lawsuit (they warned readers about a possible cyberschool scam). Fortunately, some of their webpages over the years 2004-2016 were archived on the WayBackMachine site, allowing you to consult excellent articles that are still relevant today.

Homeschool Magazine
American. Print subscription or view online. It's unclear whether or not the blog posts are reprints of the magazine as well. The blog has a section devoted to Christian homeschooling but the website also says they serve "all homeschoolers, regardless of religion or teaching style." There is also a section on homeschooling in the news.

Practical Homeschooling Magazine
American. Print homeschooling magazine started in the U.S. by Mary Pride. The website includes over 700 free articles as well as forums and a curriculum directory.

Christian Homeschool Magazines

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
www.theoldschoolhouse.com (Christian)
American with an online Canadian section. Started in 2001 as an eBay business and then a small email newsletter published by a homeschooling family, it's now a 120-page quarterly trade publication available worldwide either online or as a glossy magazine.

Homeschooling Today
homeschoolingtoday.com (Christian)
Started by American homeschooling parents in the late 1990s, continued today by one of the daughters and her husband. You can subscribe to four print issues a year, or you can get a year of web-based access for free.

Home School Digest
homeschooldigest.com (Christian)
An American quarterly print publication by Wisdom’s Gate Ministries, delivering "practical tips, simple suggestions and bold Biblical challenges" to homeschooling parents since 1988.

Home School Enrichment archives
homeschoolenrichment.com (Christian)
American. Published from 2003 to early 2017, Home School Enrichment Magazine's purpose was to "encourage and uplift homeschooling families in their God-given journey of raising up the next generation." The archives remain on their website.

Homeschooling and unschooling radio and podcasts

Exploring Unschooling Podcast Canadian
Interviews, Information, and Inspiration about Unschooling, by former OFTP member Pam Laricchia. "Enjoy in-depth interviews with veteran unschooling parents sharing their family’s experience, dig into a wide range of unschooling topics with experienced guests, and expand your perspective on all things unschooling each month in the Listener Q&A episodes."

The HomeSchool CEO
"Is it possible to build a 6 or 7-figure business while homeschooling your kids? How do other Homeschool CEO’s make it all work? How does blending homeschooling and entrepreneurship achieve true freedom and flexibility for the entire family? And the biggest question of all, can I *really* run a profitable business and homeschool WITHOUT feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted?Welcome to the Homeschool CEO Podcast where we will answer ALL of these questions and so much more. Your host Jen Myers is a wife and mom with 16 years of homeschooling and entrepreneurship experience. She talks with other Homeschool CEO’s about how they are making it all work. Listen in for practical tips on mindset mixed with a special blend of business and homeschool strategy – everything you need to successfully homeschool while running a profitable business!"
Includes an interview with OFTP member Sarah Wall:
Leaving Abuse and Homeschooling Six Kids as a Single Homeschool CEO
"Are you a single mom entrepreneur thinking about homeschooling your kids or vice versa? Not sure if you can do it? Yes, you can!This is the first episode in our new Single Mom Series where I interview single moms who successfully homeschool and manage their own business. Today, I chat with Sarah Wall, owner of XeraSupport and courageous single mom to 6 kids, from infancy to teenager, including two with special needs. She talks about her challenges and triumphs as a homeschool mom and businesswoman and shares tips on how you can do the same. If you're looking to be inspired to start your own Homeschool CEO journey as a single mom, Sarah's story will be sure to encourage you. For complete show notes click: https://homeschoolceopodcast.com/11/"

Homeschooling and unschooling YouTube clips and channels

Freeschoolin' Canadian resource -
"This is what unschooling looks like!"
OFTP member Wendy Elizabeth Hart and her family share their unschooled, homesteading lives, information, and the beauty around them in Ontario, Canada.

Raising A to Z Canadian resource -
Amanda and Stéphane Ostrander are teachers who homeschool their two daughters, Alexie (the A) and Zoé (the Z), in Ontario. In their videos they share their learning adventures as well as thoughts and information about homeschooling. "We want to inspire parents and families to make learning a fun, life-long adventure."

Unschooling Channel Canadian resource -
Dr. Carlo Ricci is a professor in the Education department of Nippissing University. He is also an OFTP member, currently volunteering as OFTP liaison with government officials and school board / school authorities.

Homeschooling and unschooling blogs

"Encouragemints" Canadian resource -
Blog about homeschooling by evangelical Christian homeschool mom Joy Delmore, developer of the Peppermint Stick Learning Company curriculum materials for Canadians. Also includes posts about environmental sensitivities (electromagnetic and chemical).

Freeschoolin' Canadian resource -
Blog about the unschooling life by OFTP member Wendy Elizabeth Hart

I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. Canadian resource -
"Celebrating Self-Directed, Lifelong Learning"
Idzie Desmarais is a now-adult unschooler living in Montreal. Her blog includes sections called Unschooling 101, Unschooling Writing, and Grown Unschoolers.

Living Joyfully Canadian resource -
Thoughts, information, and books about unschooling, by former OFTP member Pam Laricchia

Natural Born Learners Canadian resource -
Formerly RADIO FREE SCHOOL, a now defunct all-volunteer show by, for, and about unschoolers/homelearners, the blog space now houses excerpts of the book Natural Born Learners - Unschooling and Autonomy in Education, co-edited by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko and (OFTP member) Carlo Ricci. Most of the pieces in the book are derived from interviews aired on the Radio Free School program that ran from 2002 to 2008 on 93.3 fm CFMU in Hamilton. Authors include John Taylor Gatto, Wendy Priestniz, Pat Ferenga, Gordon Neufeld, Grace Llewellyn, Sandra Dodd, Matt Hern, among others.
Email: radiofreeschool@gmail.com
Mail: P.O. Box 19, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton ON L8S 1C0

Raising A to Z Canadian resource -
Amanda and Stéphane Ostrander are teachers who homeschool their two daughters, Alexie (the A) and Zoé (the Z), in Ontario. In their blog they share articles and videos about their learning adventures as well as thoughts and information about homeschooling. "We want to inspire parents and families to make learning a fun, life-long adventure."

Raising Royalty Canadian resource -
"Real Life. Real Love. Real Stories."
Part blog, part journal, and part resource. Sarah shares stories, tips, and information about homeschooling, single parenting, and large family living. "This is my real life, with my little princesses."

Alternative lifestyles media

Eco Parent Canadian resource -
A magazine and online community for Canadian parents wishing to make informed decisions and better choices for a sustainable lifestyle.

Natural Life Canadian resource -
Published by Wendy Priesnitz, author of Challenging Assumptions in Education and other books. Sections on Food, Home, Family, Health, Leisure and Livelihood, all relating to natural and alternative living. Some of the homeschooling articles are available online in the Family section.