Homeschooling is mostly family-based learning, but sometimes you might also want a little help from a tutor. We've listed some we've heard about below.

There are also other ways to find a tutor:

  • ask family, friends, neighbours, co-workers if they know of a good tutor (or they might even be able and willing to provide tutoring help themselves!)
  • ask for recommendations from members of your local homeschool support group, or an online homeschool group (on Facebook or Yahoo)
  • ask a school or school board for tutor recommendations
  • look in the library — they might have a bulletin board for flyers, and sometimes that includes flyers for tutor services
  • ask a librarian — they might know of someone even if there's no flyer up
  • check out your local classified ads, wherever they are in your community (some areas might still have a free classifieds paper, or there may be ads in your local newspaper)
  • check out classified ads sites like kijiji.ca
  • some communities have an Information Centre with this kind of info
  • do an internet search (via Google or DuckDuckGo) using the keyword "tutor" along with the subject (e.g. math or English), the grade level, and the name of your city/town
  • do a search by subject and location on tutor directory sites:

Tutor Listings on the OFTP website

Inclusion of any business on this list does not constitute an endorsement by OFTP. We share this information to let homeschoolers know what's available in their area, not necessarily what's recommended. Although it benefits the resource provider to be listed here, it is not an advertisement to serve the purposes of the provider, it is a listing to serve the informational needs of homeschoolers looking for assistance or learning opportunities outside of the home.