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Admissions Information for Homeschoolers

Below is a list of Canadian universities and colleges that have admitted or are willing to consider admitting homeschooled students. This is not a complete list. OFTP recommends that homeschooled students approach one or more universities that they are interested in attending to determine: a) if they accept homeschooled students and b) what are the criteria/policies for acceptance. It is a good idea to do this well in advance so that the homeschooled student has adequate time to ensure that they will meet the admission policy requirements for that university.

Please note that even if a college or university does not have a specific admissions policy for homeschoolers, many have considered and admitted homeschooled students to their institutions.

Brandon University

270-18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 6A9
Telephone: (204) 727-9784, Fax: (204) 728-3221
Email: klassen@ (add to complete the email address)

Homeschooled students have three options available for applying to this university: 1) complete the G.E.D. and submit proof of completion; 2) apply as a mature student if you are 21 years of age or older; 3) submit a transcript showing homeschooled grades along with a letter explaining that you have been homeschooled and your reasons for wanting to attend Brandon University.

Home School Applicants

Students who have been home schooled in Canada or the United States may be eligible for admission provided their application is accompanied by written confirmation from a duly authorized representative of the provincial or state department of education stating that they have completed Grade 12 under the Home Schooling provisions in the province or state.

Home schooled students not registered with the province or state will be considered for admission to Brandon University on an individual basis. Students must submit a letter and supporting documents including academic record to the Admissions Office.

Canadian Mennonite University

500 Shaftesbury Blvd.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 2N2
Phone (204) 487-3300
Fax (204) 487-3858
Toll Free (877) 231-4570
Admissions information: cu@ (add to compete the email address)
General enquiries: info@ (add to compete the email address)

CMU is a Christian university that offers degrees in the arts, music, music therapy, theology and church ministries. “We actively pursue homeschooled students at CMU and attend homeschooling conferences and support homeschool groups.” Specifics about homeschooler admissions are here:

University College of the Cariboo

Now renamed Thompson Rivers University since its amalgamation with BC Open University in 2005.

Thompson Rivers University
805 TRU Way
Kamloops, BC, Canada
V2C 0C8

General Inquiries

Phone: 250-828-5000
Fax: 250-828-5086

Future Students

Program inquiries, campus tours and student recruitment outreach
Phone: 250-828-5006

Admissions, Registrar’s Office

Phone: 250-828-5036
Fax: 250-371-5960
Admissions Website


Home educated students have been accepted at this institution. Visit the website for information regarding admission criteria for those students requesting admission who are: a) not mature students and b) do not possess certification from a provincially-accredited program.

McGill University

Home-Schooled Applicants

McGill University will consider applications from home-schooled applicants; each case will be treated on its own merits. As a home-schooled candidate, you must provide McGill University with a description of the home-schooling curriculum followed and measures of your academic acquisition in the program.
Consult the pre-application to-do list to verify the supporting documentation you’ll need as a home-schooled applicant.

Quest University Canada

3200 University Blvd
Squamish, B.C. V8B 0N8
Direct: 604.898.8013
Cell: 604.389.8085
Toll Free: 1.888.QUEST.08
Fax: 604.815.0829
Websites: and
Admissions: Melissa-Anne Stentiford, Senior Admission Counsellor, Canadian Admissions
Email: ma.stentiford@ add to complete the email address

Quest is a small, independent and not-for-profit university that supports the passions and desires of students, and encourages them to pioneer co-curricular programs and events on campus. An innovative liberal arts and sciences university designed for the 21st century student, Quest University Canada welcomed its inaugural class in September 2007. We are excited to assist new students in developing their leadership skills so that they may positively impact the global community. With its focus on undergraduate learning, students benefit from a unique form of education that is not found elsewhere, including the following:

  • An intimate learning environment with classes of no more than 20 students.
  • The integration of knowledge. Our interdisciplinary curriculum ensures students study the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics and sciences…and examine the connections between each.
  • All of our students graduate with a combined degree: a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.
  • Students take only one class at a time for a 3.5 week period with our “Block Plan”.
  • Our students self-define their major. An individualized “Question” guides their 3rd and 4th years of study.
  • A focus on experiential learning inside and outside of the classroom. Students must complete one block of experiential learning with an outside organization in relation to their “Question” in order to graduate. This could include work experience, internships and study abroad opportunities.
  • A holistic approach to admissions that takes into consideration not only academic achievements but also personal accomplishments, leadership qualities and community service.
  • World-renowned faculty hired specifically because of their ability to teach. Faculty at Quest are referred to as Tutors because they guide and mentor students instead of simply professing knowledge. All classes are taught in a seminar format rather than lectures.
  • A generous and well-funded scholarship and financial aid program

Quest has found that homeschoolers are a great fit for our program. Quest has several students in our program who were homeschooled, one student asserts:

After twelve years of home-schooling I wanted to find a university that would offer me the same integrated learning approach that I appreciated in home-schooling. Having visited universities across the country, I quickly recognized that Quest was different. In my first three months at Quest I studied the collapse of the Mayan civilization, swam with a flaming torch across a glacier fed river, learned the mathematics of astronomical navigation, and created my own table for trigonometric values from nothing more than pencil and paper. Quest’s multidisciplinary approach, combined with their intense block program, encourages me to continue the curiosity driven style of learning that made home-schooling what it was for me, and as I work intimately with students and faculty, I invariably end up living, breathing and dreaming about every subject that I explore.

~Dustin Eno, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

Quest is well-suited to students and families who do not want the stereotypical university education. Quest practices rolling admissions and our “Block Plan” offers the flexibility for students to begin just about any month of the year.

University of Regina

3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 0A2
Admissions Information – Telephone: (306) 585-4591, Fax: (306) 585-5203
(add to complete the email address)
Website: (see their page on homeschool admissions)

The University of Regina has prepared a homeschooling admissions policy. This policy contains 5 steps.

1. The University has created a form for students to fill out. This form contains a statement that the student has been homeschooling and is registered with their local school board (if applicable). They recognise that some provinces do have this requirement.
2. Supply/create a transcript of Grades 11 and 12 of their homeschooling program.
3. Write a letter outlining why you want to attend university.
4. Have a SAT result of 1100 or more.
5. Complete one of the following: a grade 12 course; a departmental exam; another university course; an Advance Placement course; or a SAT II test in one subject.

The successful applicant will be accepted into the entrance program from which it is possible to transfer into a faculty after 30 credit hours have been completed. There is a $60.00 fee for all students (homeschooled or not) who apply to the university and it is the only fee required. There is no age requirement for this entrance program so a student who is under the age of 18 could apply to the University of Regina with this new policy.

This process allows students to be accepted into the Entrance Program which is basically a probationary year that was previously designed for mature students. In this Entrance Program students are limited to 4 courses per semester (instead of the 5 courses which comprises a full course load). Students get to choose any courses they wish to take depending on their major course of study with one exception… University 100 (a 1/2 course) which is basically a university survival course. After completing 5 courses in the Entrance Program with a minimum of 60% average, students can transfer into their faculty of interest.

St Stephen’s University

the fusion of academics and discipleship
8 Main Street
St. Stephen NB E3L 3E2
(US mail: P.O. Box 987, Calais ME USA 04619)
phone 506-466-1781
toll free 1-888-CALL SSU (225-5778)
fax (506) 466-1783
email ssu@
(add to complete the email address)

“The fusion of academics and discipleship”

“study the classics | travel the world | worship the One”

“SSU offers two streams of education—Arts & Ministry—both providing strong academic grounding and travel experience in a Christian setting.”

Click on “prospective students” then, from the drop-down menu, click on “applying.” This will take you to the page that includes information on “special admissions,” including Homeschoolers: “SSU Welcomes applications from students who have been schooled at home.”

The application process for homeschoolers includes the following: “Please provide a one to two page description of your program of studies with some details about specifc objectives and some description of the content of courses in grades eleven and twelve.”

University of Saskatchewan

From their webpage on admissions policy for Home Based Learners

The University of Saskatchewan offers applicants who have elected to complete a home schooling program the following options:

  • Admission to all direct-entry colleges by successfully writing the Saskatchewan Learning provincial examinations (or equivalent) and obtaining Adult 12 standing in the required subjects and meeting the required admission average
  • Applying for Special (Mature) admission at the age of 21
  • Applicants will be considered for admissions into the Colleges of Arts & Science and Agriculture & Bioresources based on the provision of one or more of the following assessment tools:
    • A Home Based School Transcript with details of all Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses taken
    • Independent third party examinations including nationally normed standardized achievement tests such as a minimum score of 1100 in the SAT I or a minimum average of 24 in the ACT
    • An educational portfolio


  • An interview may be requested
  • The University of Saskatchewan reserves the right to request additional information at the institution’s discretion.

Trinity Western University

This information was taken from Trinity Western’s website in March 2002: Trinity Western welcomes homeschooled students. There is an “Educational Background Chart” available on their website, to be used by homeschooled students who can’t supply a transcript. They expect applicants to have the equivalent of at least four academic grade 12 subjects, including English. Homeschooled applicants must also submit SAT or ACT scores. They will also grant admission based on GED scores

University of Victoria

P.O. Box 1700, Stn. CSC, Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2
Telephone: (250) 472-4160, Fax: (250) 721-6225

New as of fall 2005: UVic will now consider homeschoolers who submit an extraordinary application through the university Senate. Contact the head Registrar to begin the process. They will consider the PSAT, SAT, AP tests and other forms of academic achievement outside the Canadian school system.

University of Winnipeg

515 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9
Admissions Office: 204-786-9159

admissions@ (add to complete the email address)

The Canadian National Survey of Post-Secondary Institutions on Entrance Requirements for Home-Educated Students

Leo Gaumont of Education Unlimited in Saskatchewan, in cooperation with HSLDA, conducted a survey
between October 2000 and February 2001 to measure the collective attitudes of Canadian post-secondary institutions towards home-educated students.