The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents

This questionnaire is part of the OFTP‘s Post-Secondary Admissions Project. The information from these questionnaires will be compiled to assist other home educated students in planning for further education. Both students who have been successful in gaining entrance to college or university, as well as those who haven’t, are encouraged to reply. Please take a few minutes to review the entire questionnaire before starting. This will allow you to get a feel for the flow of our questions. The choices are either narrative or circle the best response. Please feel free to elaborate and use more space, wherever you feel necessary.

Name of student:________________________________

Person completing questionnaire:____________________

Relationship to student:___________________________

May we contact you if further information/clarification is needed?   Yes   No

How? ___________________

May we use your name/student’s name in our results?    Yes   No

1. How long was student home schooled?

2. What method of home education did you follow?

a. packaged curriculum (e.g. Abeka) — company name(s):




b. eclectic (combination of student led & parent directed)




c. unschooling


3. What preparation was made during the highschool years for the application process to university? (e.g. portfolios, tests, ILC courses, record keeping, narratives, interview preparation) and for how many years?





4. Did the student take correspondence OAC or other courses?   Yes   No

If yes, which ones? Offered by whom? What response did these receive from universities?





5. Did the student take virtual (online) courses?   Yes   No

If yes, which ones? Offered by whom? What response did these receive from universities?




6. To which institutions did student apply? Why?

Name of Institution Reason for Application





7. List the requirements of the university, used to evaluate student’s application. (e.g. portfolio, records, interview, specific tests etc.). If they would not consider the application, or refused it, what were the grounds/reasons? (please use additional space as needed).

Institution Requirements Result





8. Outline any concerns, obstacles encountered.




9.Were there any issues that made the process difficult/easy that you feel should be addressed?




10. Scholarships: outline any opportunities presented by the institutions, applications therefor and results thereof.




11. Is there anything you wish you had done differently to prepare for the application process?   Yes   No

If yes, please explain.




12. Any advice for homeschoolers who are starting to prepare for college or university? Or who aren’t sure, but who would like to keep the door open for further studies?




Thank you for taking time to help another homeschooler!!

Completed forms should be returned to the Post-Secondary Admissions Project coordinator —