The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents


I have completed a high school graduation program through a self-directed home school program. Through this program I have learned to be self-motivated and responsible for my own work. I have enclosed a copy of my course list and transcript of marks.

I have completed the Okanagan College program of Computer basics for Business, and have enclosed a copy of my course marks.

Course list and transcript

[Name of Student]

Grade 9 (1996/97)

English: Language Arts 9 (ACE) 92% average

Math 9 : (Saxon algebra1) 86% average

Socials: Canadian Geography (ACE) 88% average

Science: Physical Science (ACE) 88% average


PE. Team and community sports

Career and personal planning

Volunteer lifeguard

Registered through Nechako E Bus program

Grade 10 (97/98)

English: Language Arts 10 (ACE) 85% average

Math: Algebra (Saxon) 86% average

Socials: World Geography (ACE) 89% average

Science: Biology (ACE) 88% average


PE. Team and Community sports

CPP (career & personal planning)

Steady part time employment (Super Value) Candy stripe program at South Okanagan General Hospital, Lifeguard certificate, first aid certificate

Registered through Nechako E Bus program

Grade 11 (98/99)

English: Language Arts 11 C+

Math 11: C+

Accounting 11: C+

Socials 11: (ACE) C+

Science: Earth Science (ACE) 86% average

Music band

PE. Team &community sports, Volunteer lifeguard,

CPP Steady part time employment (Super Value), Candy stripe Program at South Okanagan General Hospital

Registered through Grand Forks Access Center for Education

Grade 12 (99/2000)

English: Language Arts12 (ACE) 85%

Keyboarding C+

Socials: Canadian History (ACE) 88%

Civics12 (ACE) 86%

Science: Biology (ACE) 88%

Computer Technology: 80% (see attachment) (Okanagan College “Computer Basics for Business”)

Music Band

PE Team and community sports

CPP Steady part time employment (Super Value), Candy stripe program at South Okanagan General hospital

Registered through Wondertree Education Society

Work experience

I have worked part time for the past two years at the Oliver Super Value. My job there is to stock shelves and to assist customers in finding what they need. I have also done deliveries for the store. My supervisor was [name of supervisor].

I have been a volunteer with the Candy stripe program at the South Okanagan General Hospital for the past three years. I enjoyed working in this program where I served and visited with patients in the transition wing and in extended care. My supervisor there was [name of supervisor].

I have also worked as a volunteer at the Oliver archives for [name of supervisor].

Personal interests and information

Born: Jan.18 1982 Vancouver B.C.

I enjoy a variety of sports both individual and team sports. I have played on minor baseball teams in Oliver and currently play on a team in the slo pitch league. I have played on several curling teams in the men’s curling league. For individual sports I have played golf and had a Jr. membership at Fairview for several years. I also enjoy swimming and have a lifeguard certificate.

I am very active in my church where I play in the church orchestra and help with the leadership of the youth group.

I am in excellent health and have never missed work through illness.

I have a driver’’s license and have a car, which I purchased with the money I earned from part time work.