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  1. Use your browser’s Back button to return to the login screen.
  2. Enter your username exactly as you registered it, and double-check for typos – it's case-sensitive.
  3. Enter your password exactly as you registered it. If you need to reset it, use the "Lost your password?" link and do it BEFORE you make too many login attempts, otherwise you will get locked out for too many failures in a row (it's a security measure to prevent brute force attacks by hacker bots – the lockout is automatically lifted after a certain amount of time). To play it safe, WAIT 10 mn after resetting, before you make any login attempts with the new password – just in case the server is slow updating it. (Resetting while you’re locked out will NOT help you get into your account. Wait an hour and try again, starting with resetting your password.)
  4. There are more fields than just a username and password. Remember to enter the security word in the 3rd field (for more info, click in the field with javascript enabled).
  5. If you've followed all the instructions and still can't login, please email the web admin at admin@ontariohomeschool.org and let them know precisely what your steps are — send screenshots of each of the screens you’re seeing at each step (including before you get sent to this page).

If you're having trouble registering a user account in the first place, please contact the web admin for help (admin@ontariohomeschool.org). You cannot create a second user account with the same email address as an existing account, so if you had one before, try logging into that one even if you thought it was deleted. If you already had an account but didn't login before making your membership payment, your prior account will need to be updated manually to be associated with your payment and the related access level. Contact the web admin.