2002 – PPM Communication Plan

Please Note: Although this is filed in the archives, anyone in education who still doesn't know about PPM131 this long after 2002 should be brought up to speed. If you encounter any ignorance in this area, please help by sharing a highlighted copy of PPM131. Thank you!

Your role in the communication of PPM #131 to people in Ontario involved with education

OFTP views the new PPM with optimism. We feel the PPM has the potential to be the catalyst for a positive change in attitudes within the educational community towards the many issues surrounding homeschooling. These changes did not come about without the diligent work of volunteers and we have seen an enormous shift in the mindset of some education bureaucrats as a result of our efforts. Explicit in its release of the PPM, the Ministry of Education recognizes homeschooling as a viable educational alternative to public education. However, there is still much to be done! Attitudes and practices with the educational community at the school board and local level will not come about unless we engage in an active “communication plan”.

We need the support of our community to assist us in getting the word out. OFTP members, non-members, people in the community who are supporters of choice in education are invited to assist us in our efforts.

Download a copy of the PPM from our web site. Highlight the paragraph found on the second page under Procedures for School Boards:

When parents give a board written notification of their intent to provide home schooling for their child, the board should consider the child to be excused from attendance at school, in accordance with subsection 21(2), clause (a), of the Education Act. The board should accept the written notification of the parents each year as evidence that the parents are providing satisfactory instruction at home. The board should send a letter each year to the parents, acknowledging the notification; for this purpose, the board may use the sample letter in appendix C.

Distribute the PPM to any or all of the following people you may be acquainted with:

  • teachers,
  • principals,
  • school secretaries,
  • trustees,
  • superintendents,
  • attendance counselors,
  • social workers at school boards.

OFTP will continue work behind the scenes, meeting with education ‘professionals’, attending their conferences and distributing information and material to any of their meetings or conferences we can get ourselves invited to. We need assistance from our community as we move towards the day we can all homeschool our children in freedom.

Read Program Policy Memorandum #131 here.

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