The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents


Benefits of OFTP Membership

By joining the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents, you enable a collective voice for the homeschooling community in Ontario, and provide support for the work OFTP does on behalf of homeschooling families across the province. Your membership adds to our numbers, which increases our clout to have an impact. Your membership fee pays for the cost of keeping our website up and running; hotline phone calls, printing and mailing letters and documents sent to government officials, school boards, Children’s Aid Societies, etc.; funding of any special projects we do to help homeschoolers and to educate people about homeschooling.

OFTP Membership Benefits:

  • OFTP members receive a Membership Card and a Letter of Good Standing which can be used for verification of your homeschooling status when requested by school boards or government officials. They also can be used at various stores to obtain discounts as an "educator" from educational suppliers along with other businesses and organizations.
  • OFTP members receive a monthly e-newsletter and have access to download past issues.
  • OFTP members who own a business or have a product or service to sell are allowed to have a free listing in our online Resource Directory without the usual restriction that it be relevant to homeschooling.
  • OFTP members have access to the OFTP forum to network and gain further information, tips, resource referrals, and moral support from fellow members (especially helpful if you’re not able to be part of a local support group) — also available in French.
  • If required, the OFTP provides confidential support to members if they're encountering difficulties with school boards or other relevant government officials. This may take the form of presenting the member with their options, advising them on how to respond effectively according to their chosen option, or responding on their behalf in an official OFTP capacity through personalized letters and/or phone calls.
  • OFTP members (including children) have the opportunity to submit an article, essay, project, stories, poems, or artwork to be published in the OFTP newsletter or blog.

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents is an organization that is run entirely by volunteering homeschooling parents who are OFTP Members, just like you! If you are willing to contribute your skills to volunteering to help keep the organization running smoothly for any projects we undertake, your contributions can be other additions to your resume. We hope that you can join us to support the valuable work of the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents.