Homeschool Support Groups in Ontario

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There are home education support groups in many parts of Ontario. The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents has compiled a list to help you locate one in your area. The map on this page shows the counties in the Southwestern, Southeastern and parts of the Northeastern regions of the province. They’ve been numbered to provide a reference by which you can find a homeschooling support group in your area, as listed by region on this page.


  • This is not a clickable image map. You cannot click on the map itself to link to your area. Use it, instead, to locate your area visually so you know what number you’re looking for in the list, which is organized by region.
  • Northwestern districts are not on the map but are still listed by number and name.
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South-Western Ontario

1 – Windsor – Essex

A Charlotte Mason Education Support Group
Contact: Jennifer Gagnon
Phone: (519) 733-8287
Web Site:
Area Served: Windsor and Essex County
Description: Open to all who want to learn more about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy; Parents & Teachers. We meet once a month in various locations. Currently reading through Mason’s Volume 6; each meeting we discuss the chapter, offer practical applications and present another unrelated topic.
Activities: Opportunities to be part of a smaller Charlotte Mason Homeschool Community (co-op), cultivating such subjects as: Shakespeare, nature, poetry, hymn, folksong, Plutarch, composer, handicraft, and artist studies.
Membership Fees/Requirements: No fee currently. A borrowing library for members

Family Village Homeschooling Association
Contact: Diane Pepin
Phone: 519-256-3541
Message Board:
Area Served: Message Board open internationally. Local focus group serving Windsor and Essex County
Description: A loosely affiliated group of homeschoolers based primarily in Windsor and Essex County. Day-to-day support takes place
on the Family Village messageboard, which is open to people around the world who are interested in Natural and Attachment Parenting. A large component of Family Village is the homeschooling.Activities: Field trips, both as a group and in conjunction with other local support groups.
Membership Fees/Requirements: There are no membership fees; donations are accepted at the meetings to purchase books or materials for our lending library. Field trips are funded cooperatively on an as-we-go basis.

Homeschooling Thru High School Support Group
Contact: Jill Huschilt
Phone: (519) 735-2879
Area Served: Windsor and Essex County
Description: The group is open to all mothers interested in discussing homeschooling during the ‘highschool years’. Topic discussion will follow our prayer time. The purpose of these discussions are to uplift and encourage mothers in the awesome responsibility and privilege of homeschooling our teens. Therefore, discussions are based on Biblical wisdom and sprinkled with practical advice. During this time of discussion, we also invite questions, concerns, and shared wisdom.
Activities: Bi-Monthly Meetings

Mothers Supporting Mothers in Home Education
Contact: Neely Savard
Phone: (519) 798-5972
Area Served: Windsor and Essex County
Membership Fees/Requirements: $5.00 to cover the cost of being an OCHEC member
Description: A Christian organization for home schooling parents and children coming together at varied educational activities. A great place to make new friends. All are welcome!
Activities: Field trips, both as a group and in conjunction with other local support groups. They are funded individually on an as-we-go basis.

Open Arms Homeschooling Group
Contact: Susan Corchis
Phone: (519) 728-9704
Area Served: Windsor
Description: A non-sectarian organization for home schooling parents and children to gather for support, resource-sharing, friendship and fun.
Activities: Our learning-based activities have included: field trips, sports, yoga, theatre, science experiments, outdoor adventures, book circle, celebrations, cooking, crafts, overnight camping and singing. Each family contributes to the group such as organizing outings, activities for older/younger children, community outreach, set-up and clean-up, etc.

South Shore Christian Homeschool Association
Contact: Glenda Willemsma
Phone: 519-733-9616
Web Site: n/a
Area Served: Essex County
Description: Christian based but open to all homeschooling families
Activities: Support meetings, mom’s breakfasts, newsletter, track & field, graduation, talent night etc

2 – Chatham – Kent

The Chatham-Kent Ontario Homeschooling Support Group
Contact: Charlene Markovic
Group Link:
Message Board:
Area Served: Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas

3 – Sarnia – Lambton

EMBRACE Lambton/Kent
Contact: Join the yahoo group and ask questions… someone will answer
Yahoo! Group:
Area Served: Lambton and Kent County
Description: respectfully open to all
Activities: member driven
Membership Fees/Requirements: none

4 – London – Middlesex

A Different Drum: Homeschoolers of London, Ontario
Contact: Donna or Teresa
Phone: (519) 457-7090 or (519) 680-1699
Yahoo! Group:
Area Served: London and surrounding area
Description: Our Goal, as a network of homeschooling parents, is to create a welcoming environment for ALL homeschoolers, fostering the development of friendships and community through participation in various activities and events.
Activities: see the website.

Homeschoolers & Unschoolers of London, Ontario
Web Site:
Area Served: London, Ontario, and surrounding areas.
Description: Inclusive. We welcome everyone to join us regardless of age, sex, religion, etc.
Activities: Once we connect enough homeschooling/unschooling families, we will most certainly be setting up regular and ongoing events, activities and projects. This is our main goal and reason for creating this group.
Membership Fees/Requirements: We do not charge a membership fee. The only cost will be when we plan certain outings and activities.

Kids In Christ’s Kingdom (KICK)
Area Served: London and surrounding area
Description: We are an OCHEC-affiliated Christian group of homeschool families who desire an opportunity for our families to connect with other homeschool families in social and educational settings. Our children range in age from infants to high-school. We’re very informal and uncomplicated :).
Activities: We meet once a month – usually on Friday afternoons (but remain flexible to accommodate the activity).
Membership: $4/family. Fill out the membership form on the site.

Kids Learning Connections (KLC)
Area Served: London and surrounding area
Description: KLC is a secular homeschool cooperative based in London but open to anyone in the surrounding areas as well. Please see our website for more information as well as a list of past activities.

When You Rise Up
Area Served: London and surrounding area
Description: New (June 2012) online, informal network for home educating Christian families in the London area. It will be a Biblically-oriented forum for sharing local opportunities, discussing issues, and equipping others through encouragement.

5 – St Thomas – Elgin

Elgin County Home Learners

6 – Woodstock – Oxford

Woodstock Home Learners
Contact: Contact person has moved. Looking for a new contact person/ list owner – Please email WoodstockHL-owner @ for details
Web Site: n/a
Other Links:
Area Served: Woodstock, Oxford County and surrounding areas.
Description: Intended to be an all inclusive group for homeschoolers in the area, for open discussion, to plan events, activities, and play dates.

7 – Brantford – Brant

Brant – Norfolk Homeschool Connection
(previously Grand River Homeschool Network)
Contact: Karen
Phone: 519-484-2333
Website: n/a
Other links:
Area Served: Brant/Norfolk
Description: a group of unschooling homeschoolers who gather for field trips, concerts, hikes, activities and opportunities to make new friends.
Membership fees: No fee charged for group membership. The participating families will split the cost of workshops, field trips or the rental of recreation centres.

8 – Simcoe – Norfolk /Haldimand

Brant – Norfolk Homeschool Connection
(previously Grand River Homeschool Network)
Contact: Karen
Phone: 519-484-2333
Website: n/a
Other links:
Area Served: Brant/Norfolk
Description: a group of unschooling homeschoolers who gather for field trips, concerts, hikes, activities and opportunities to make new friends.
Membership fees: No fee charged for group membership. The participating families will split the cost of workshops, field trips or the rental of recreation centres.

9 – St Catharines – Niagara

Niagara Area Homeschool Group
Web Site: n/a
Other links:
Area Served: All Niagara Region
Description: An inclusive, informally structured group of home educating parents, interested in supporting all home educating parents. Group members include those who use traditional methods, Charlotte Mason, classical, unschooling and those who are seriously considering home educating. Everyone is welcome and group moderators encourage all persons posting to be kind, sensitive, thoughtful and inclusive with regards to their postings.
Activities: Parents are welcome to use this forum for announcing and extending invitations to various homeschool events, thus making field trips and other socially enriching activities open to many.
Niagara Home Educators’ Association
Contact: Ken and Anita Klassen
Web Site:
Area Served: entire Niagara region
Description: The Niagara Home Educators’ Association is a non-denominational Christian organization of approximately 40-50 families and has been in existence for nearly 30 years. We welcome all home educators, whether faith-based or not. We offer field trips and activities as well as parental support and encouragement. We have students of all ages represented in our group — from preschool to Grade 12. Some of our families have children who have successfully transitioned from home education to post-secondary education.
Activities: support group meeting (geared for parents) the last Tuesday of every month at Full Gospel Church at 7:00 p.m., 376 Carlton St., St. Catharines; fine arts school (entitled Jubal Cottage School — drama, choir, handbells) Thursday afternoons; gym days every second Friday; moms’ coffee night usually the 2nd Tuesday/month; family fun nights; end-of-the-year on commencement celebrations
Membership Fees/Requirements: $35 per year (can join online via website using PayPal)

10 – Hamilton – Wentworth

Catholic Home Schoolers of Halton
Contact: Siobhan (Shi-von)
Phone: 905-628-7877
Area Served: Halton, Peel, Hamilton
Description: A group of Catholic home schooling families from the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton area
Activities: Monthly children’s meeting in Burlington, monthly moms’ meeting in Burlington, field trips, Play Day in June
Membership Fees/Requirements: Yearly fees required to cover the cost of events as determined each year on a per family basis

Hamilton Homeschool Association
Web Site:
Other Links:
Area Served: Hamilton Wentworth, Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Stoney Creek, Caledonia, Waterdown, Halton, and surrounding areas
Description: A network of homeschooling families and support groups. Offers local resources, activities, and support for homeschoolers.
Activities: Members arrange group events such as choir, field trips, sports and educational classes.
Membership fees/Requirements: Membership is free.

11 – Burlington – Halton

Catholic Home Schoolers of Halton
Contact: Siobhan (Shi-von)
Phone: 905-628-7877
Area Served: Halton, Peel, Hamilton
Description: A group of Catholic home schooling families from the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton area
Activities: Monthly children’s meeting in Burlington, monthly moms’ meeting in Burlington, field trips, Play Day in June
Membership Fees/Requirements: Yearly fees required to cover the cost of events as determined each year on a per family basis

Halton Hills Christian Homeschoolers (HHCH)
Email Address:
Web site:
Area Served: Halton Hills (including Georgetown, Acton, and surrounding areas)
Description: We are a Christian group for homeschooling parents and children, but we are open to any homeschooling family.
Activities: Monthly support group meetings are held for discussion, study and encouragement. Members-only email for exchanging information about upcoming events and opportunities. Some learning-based activities have included field trips, organized sports, drama clubs, recreational skating, swimming lessons, piano lessons, co-ops, track and field participation, and family social events. A yearly showcase evening gives children the opportunity to perform a talent and to display work they have completed throughout the year. Other activities are offered periodically, as they are planned by individual members.
Membership Fees/Requirements: $15/year (includes OCHEC membership). Membership runs from September to August the following year. Costs for specific events are paid for by the participants of that event.

Cornerstone Home Educators
Contact Names: Michelle Harding
Phone: (905) 633-7326
Email Address:
Web site:
Other Links: Optional closed Facebook group for interaction. All communications are sent out via email.
Area Served: Burlington and surrounding area
Description: A non-profit Christian support group of homeschooling families. We seek to teach, mentor and provide a variety of support to Burlington and surrounding area homeschooling families. We are open to all individuals, and all methodologies and styles of home schooling.
Activities: Monthly parent support meetings (Sept-June), regular kid’s activities and lots of fun! Home Education 101 mentoring course offered a couple of times a year (open to non Cornerstone members as well)
Membership Fees/Requirements: $25 membership runs from Sept-Aug, covers your OCHEC membership, location fees, speaker fees, event costs (space rental, etc.). All field trip costs are up to the individual families.

The Homeschool Network
Contact: Meaghan Hunter
Phone: 905-901-4732
Other links: Members-only group e-mail list
Areas Served: Burlington, Waterdown, Oakville, and surrounding areas
Description: A network of homeschooling families providing support for new and seasoned homeschoolers. Traditional homeschoolers, deschoolers and unschoolers – all homeschooling styles and all beliefs (or none) welcome.
Activities: THN has monthly events throughout the school year including parent meetings, information nights, social activities, and field trips. Members-only website and group e-mail list.
Membership fees/requirements: $15 annual membership fee.

12 – Guelph – Wellington

Guelph Homeschool Group
Email Address:
Web Site:
Area Served: Guelph and area
Description: Offers support for new and established homeschoolers. The Guelph Homeschool Group is proud of its diversity and welcomes all varieties of homeschooling.
Activities: regular meetings, an extensive lending library, discovery kits, a wide variety of field trips and group learning activities, children and family social events, organized sports and lessons and an online support group.
Membership Fees: $25/year. Memberships run from September to September the following year.

13 – Kitchener – Waterloo

Cambridge Area Home Learners
Contact: Brenda (general enquiries and activities for children age 10 and up) or Jen (activities for younger children)
Phone: (Brenda) 519-620-1016
E-mail: Brenda or Jen
Area served: Cambridge and surrounding area
Description: We are a small, diverse group of families committed to child-led learning and attachment parenting. Our goal is to promote friendships among our children and teens and to provide support for parents.
Activities: Member-directed events including co-op activities such as drama and crafts, as well as street hockey and martial arts for younger children.
Membership fees: No formal structure. Expenses for (and organization of) activities are shared among participating members.

Cambridge Christian Home Educators
Web Site:
Area Served: Cambridge and surrounding area
Description: We are a non-profit, interdenominational Christian support group for families in the Cambridge area. While we are a distinctly Christian group, all are welcome. We are dedicated to providing support and resources to parents who have chosen to educate their children at home.

Kitchener-Waterloo Christian Home Educator’s Association
Contact: Donna Burkholder
Web Site:
Area Served: Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, and surrounding areas (New Hamburg, Baden, Mannheim, St. Clements, Heidelburg, etc.)
Description: We are a Christian group, but are willing to have any join us that would feel comfortable in our group. KWCHEA does not require that all members agree with our Statement Purpose or our Statement of Faith. We do require that members accept that this is the policy of our group, and that all our support group activities will be conducted in a manner that is in line with our policy. This information is listed on our website. Our group is designed for families with children of all ages.
Activities: We meet together as parents one evening a month with the exception of July and August. Our monthly newsletter is picked up at the meeting or mailed to all those not at the meeting. We also have weekly activities, swim lessons, some group classes, and many field trips for our children. For more information, see our web page.
Membership Fees/Requirements: Registration is $37 per year. Returning members who register before June 30 pay $32.

Kitchener Waterloo Secular Community & Home Oriented Learners Activities, Recreation, & Support (KW SCHOLARS)
Contact: Erica Shelly
Phone: 519-342-1014
Web Site: n/a
Other Links:
Area Served: Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas
Description: KW SCHOLARS is a network of people dedicated to the education of children without the use of public, separate, or private schools. It is a new, inclusive, member-operated secular network for home educators and those interested in home education.
Activities: This group is meant to bring together home educators, and those interested in home education for social and learning opportunities within Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas. Field trips, social groups, learning co-ops and other member-initiated activities will be available for all interested members.
Membership Fees/Requirements: Membership is free, however there may be fees to cover costs associated with some activities. Membership is open to all who are interested in home or community oriented learning for children of all ages, and who can commit to organizing one or more gatherings (learning activity, recreational event, or support meeting) per year.

14 – Stratford – Perth

H.O.P.E. (Homes of Priority Education)
Contact: Wilma Van Beek
Phone: 519-393-5415
Web Site:
Area Served: Stratford, Ontario and surrounding region
Description: We are a non-denominational Christian group. Members must sign our statement of faith. The group averages around 40-45 families each year.
Activities: We hold Support Meetings on the fourth Monday of the month (September, October, November, January, February, March, and April). These meetings are open to all and have a wide range of topics. A small library with support materials (no curriculum) is available for members at these meetings. Topics for support meetings are published in advance in our newsletter, The Hope Herald. It is published monthly from August through May and is the main means of communication for our group. We provide H.O.P.E. Days, which is a cooperative teaching opportunity. These occur on six Friday mornings, from 9:00 – 11:30, in the fall and in the spring to provide interaction, fun, and learning in a group setting. There is a nursery provided for the younger children and activity classes for the older children. There is a cost for H.O.P.E. Days above the H.O.P.E. registration fee, and parental involvement is expected. We plan many field trips and activities throughout the year. Members are encouraged to be involved and to contribute to the group by organizing, volunteering, and participating in events. Some activities include our Track and Field Day, skating and hockey on Fridays through the winter, Science, Geography and Biography fairs, Lego Contest, Talent Night, and many interesting and educational field trips.
Membership Fees/Requirements: annual membership fees are approx. $35/family. Members must sign our statement of faith.

15 – Goderich – Huron

16 – Port Elgin – Bruce

17 – Owen Sound – Grey

AIM HIGH (Homeschoolers in God’s Hands)
Area Served: Grey/Bruce
Description: AIM HIGH is an Evangelical Christian homeschool group with a purpose of supporting and enhancing what is being done by homeschool families in the home setting by providing a group that meets regularly to offer specialist instruction and group learning opportunities. It is also a point of connection for passing on information to the larger Grey-Bruce homeschooling community. We will endeavour to honour God in everything we do and encourage the development of Christ-like character in the children.
Activities: AIM HIGH meets every other Friday at South End Fellowship Baptist Church in Owen Sound for a variety of learning opportunities for children from nursery through high school.

Hanover Homeschoolers
Contact: Erika Mills
Phone: 519-369-6416
Area Served: Hanover/Grey County
Description: Our purpose is to raise our kids to know Jesus, build community, learn together and encourage contribution and confidence.
Activities: Our weekly time together includes free gym time, two age-appropriate learning times, snack-n-chat as well as structured gym games.

Homeschooling Parents Connection Night
Contact: Cathy Ostrom
Phone: 519-376-8814
Area Served: Grey/Bruce County meeting at Owen Sound Library.
Description: A non-sectarian informal meeting once a month, for home schooling parents to gather for support, resource-sharing, friendship and fun.
Activities: Support meetings, no fee. Bring your own coffee/tea/cold drink.

18 – Orangeville – Dufferin

Dufferin County Home School Group
Contact: Marni Walsh
Phone: 519-923-9998
Area Served: Dufferin County
Description: An inclusive homeschooling support group
Activities: We have weekly study/play dates!

The Headwaters Homeschooling Network
Contact: Amanda Philip
Other Links:
Area Served: Towns in the Hills of Headwaters, including Amaranth, Caledon, East Garafraxa, East Luther-Grand Valley, Erin/Hillsburgh, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur, Orangeville and Shelburne.
Description: The Headwaters Homeschooling Network is a way to connect with homeschooling families living in the towns of the Hills of Headwaters. It’s an informal way to make friends, find support, share ideas and have fun, for both kids and parents. All ages and methods of homeschooling welcome. New as of summer 2009.
Activities: Park days, field trips, get-togethers, picnics, holiday events and more. The group is new, and activities can be changed and added as members wish. Some ideas for the future might be book clubs, craft groups, support or information meetings for parents, etc, all organized by parents/members of the group. Parents may also want to arrange special ongoing activities (eg. swimming or dance lessons) or provide music or language lessons in their homes, if there is interest among the group.
Membership Fees: None

19 – Barrie – Simcoe

Barrie Support Group
Other Links:
Area Served: Barrie and area
Description: for local homeschoolers to exchange information about events, meetings, outings, also to meet newcomers to Barrie and to connect homeschoolers throughout the area.

Home Educators’ Area Resource Team(HEART)
Contact: Michelle Houghton
Phone: (705) 445-3638
Web Site: n/a
Area Served: Collingwood, Stayner, Wasaga Beach and area
Description: Christian-based group but open to any who will adhere to our Protocol statement. Currently consists of 25 families.
Activities: Meetings in Collingwood for teaching parents on 3rd Saturday of the month, children’s activities on Thursday afternoons October to May.
Membership Fees/Requirements: $15 and signing Protocol Statement.

Homeschool Association of North Simcoe
Contact: Denise
Web Site: n/a
Other links:
Area Served: Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Midland and all communities in between.
Description: We are an inclusive local organization enveloping all groups to meet the needs of North Simcoe home schoolers.

Midland/Penetanguishene Home School Support Group
Contact: Christine Simpson
Phone: (705) 549-6133
Web Site: n/a
Other links:
Area Served: Midland, Penetanguishene, Port McNicoll, Victoria Harbour, Waubashene, Tiny and area
Description: Non-profit, non-religious group open to anyone. Just starting out, still growing.
Activities: The group is weekly, Monday mornings at 11am at the Midland Public Library, Children’s Dept., bring your own snacks, parents are encouraged to bring their children, however parental supervision is required. Will be focusing on relevant issues with home schoolers, and may include a guest speaker. Weekly emails keep everyone informed of all upcoming activities, and announcements. Field trips are planned by individual members. Co-ops provide opportunities for the children to get together with other home schoolers, through educational and just-for-fun activities.
Membership Fees/Requirements: None.

S.C.H.I.L. (Simcoe County Homeschool Info Link)
Contact: Henry Kiezebrink – editor
Phone: 705-737-3135
(see link to SCHIL)
Area Served: Simcoe County/Barrie, Ontario area
Description: Christian, monthly newsletter published every month from September to June. Fee $22.00 before July 31st ($30.00 after July 31st). Subscription rate includes chapter membership to OCHEC (Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection). Newsletter is the information source for the activities of our homeschooling network of families which include: swimming, group french lessons, choir, drop-in, community centre, world view course, drama, teen group, field trips etc…
Membership fees/Requirements: Some activities require having a SCHIL membership/subscription AND some activities have additional fees for participation in those activities.

Toronto & Simcoe Area Home Educator’s Network
Contact: Alana Kramarchuk
Phone: 647-408-1711
Other Links:
Area Served: Toronto (West End: Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville) Orillia and Barrie
Description: Open to all individuals of all faiths and all educational philosophies whose focus is the child, health and healing. Founded by an Elementary Reading Recovery Teacher, turned Waldorf parent, turned Organic Farmer with a passion for thinking outside the box, the environment, and sustaining living practices.
Membership fees/Requirements: Free membership!
Activites: Group members may partake in educational events and share educational materials

20 – Mississauga – Peel

Catholic Home Schoolers of Halton
Contact: Siobhan (Shi-von)
Phone: 905-628-7877
Web Site:
Area Served: Halton, Peel, Hamilton
Description: A group of Catholic home schooling families from the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton area
Activities: Monthly children’s meeting in Burlington, monthly moms’ meeting in Burlington, field trips, Play Day in June
Membership Fees/Requirements: $5/month

Mississauga Christian Homeschool Association (MCHA)
Web Site:
Area Served: Mississauga
Description: We are a co-operative Christian support group for home schooling families in the Mississauga area.
Activities: Monthly Group Field Trip, Weekly Gym and Electives Program
Membership Fees/Requirements: $40 membership fee and HSLDA membership required. Weekly Gym and Electives Program costs extra

21 – Toronto – York

CHEN (Christian Home Educators Network)
Contact: Candis Babcock
Phone: 905-473-9620
Area Served: Newmarket
Description: Christian based but open to all faiths

Chrysalis Home Learning Resources
Contact: Lynn
Area Served: Toronto
Services: Information on local resources and activities. Support to new homeschoolers

Home Educators of York Region
An e-list to facilitate discussion and get-togethers amongst York Region homeschooling parents.

Homeschooling in Toronto
Contact: Sarah Feuerstein
Phone: (416) 461-8668
Link to join:
Description: Homeschooling in Toronto is not itself a support group per se but a website with all sorts information on homeschooling matters, news, events, support groups in the GTA, as well as access to the Toronto homeschoolers’ email list, Torhschool.

Toronto Association of Parent Educators (TAPE)
Contact: Kari Norman
Area Served: Toronto / GTA
Description: We are a support group for families of all homeschooling styles. Our group meets on Thursday afternoons at Wallace Emerson Community Centre (Dufferin and Dupont) from October to May, and at Dufferin Grove Park (Dufferin south of Bloor) from June to September. In addition, we have occasional field trips, events and meetings.

Toronto Christian Homeschoolers
Website or other link:
Area Served: Toronto / GTA
Description: information and support group for Christian Homeschoolers in the Toronto/GTA.

Toronto East End Homeschoolers
Contact: Heather
Web site: n/a
Area Served: Toronto and surrounding areas; everyone is welcome regardless of where they live.
Description: An inclusive group of several families who meet weekly from September to June. We meet every Monday afternoon from noon until 3:30pm at the Ralph Thornton Centre (765 Queen St E, just east of Broadview Ave.). Following this, we often head over to the one of the nearby playgrounds. Typically, the children who attend are from 2-12 years old, but families with older and younger children are always welcome.
Activities: Weekly get-together for games and activities.
Membership Fees/Requirements: None.

Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers
Area Served: Toronto, GTA and Surrounding Areas
Description: To build a support network for present and future Muslim homeschoolers. To enrich each mother’s unique homeschooling program through the continuous exchange of ideas and resources.
Activities: Monthly mothers’ meeting. Members organize activities, events and field trips.
Membership Fees/Requirements: $25/year. Members must attend monthly meeting.

York Region Support Group
Area Served: York Region
Description: Open to new members. A supportive, positive group/e-group where members are respected and their opinions valued. Negativity and politics are not welcome, nor is public flaming. We are a very inclusive group and encourage homeschooler businesses. We know how to use the delete button!
Activities: A variety of homeschool activities & meet-ups in York region. Weekly park day at Fairy Lake park in Newmarket & monthly afternoon teas the 1st Sunday of each month at Bonsai Hill in Aurora.

22 – Oshawa – Durham

South-Eastern Ontario

23 – Lindsay – Kawartha Lakes

24 – Peterborough – Peterborough

25 – Port Hope – Northumberland

Northumberland County Homeschoolers
Description: Not a support group nor a discussion group but rather an e-list for homeschoolers to organize field trips and activities in Northumberland County.

26 – Belleville – Hastings (southern)

Hastings and Prince Edward Home Educators
Contact: Paula Penson or Robert Wharram
Phone: 613-392-7155
Area Served: Belleville, Trenton, Tyendinaga and Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward Counties
Description: An inclusive, open and informal group of over sixty families in Quinte and surrounding areas.
Activities: French lessons, piano lessons, art program, learning co-ops, library programs, weekly gym and swim days, yoga, gymnastics, field trips, drop-in programs and informal get-togethers
Other: Online support group, discounts at local businesses and special group rates at other attractions, no member fees

Quinte Christian Homeschoolers
Contact: Michelle Doyle

27 – Bancroft – Hastings (northern)

28 – Napanee – Lennox /Addington

29 – Kingston – Frontenac

Kingston Home Learners
Area Served: Kingston and area (Primarily within a one hour drive)
Description: We are an inclusive group open to ALL interested homeschooling families. Most activities are geared for the whole family, but a few are tailored for parents or a specific age group. New families are always welcome!
Activities: Since 2000, KHL offers a smorgasbord of activities to choose from throughout the year (fewer during the summer). Regular activities include; field trip co-op adventures, learning co-ops, clubs, special occasion activities, special interest activities, guest speakers, workshops and more. We invite our members to join our Members Corner yahoo group where we keep our calendar of events and helpful databases, Field Trip Co-op yahoo group for those who wish to join the Field Trip Co-op, and/or our Off Topic Discussion yahoo group for those who are interested in more casual chats and support.
Membership Fees/Requirements: We don’t have membership fees, but we do ask members to fill in an annual registration form and “contribute back” to the group on an annual basis. This helps us work together to spread out the workload, while ensuring activities are planned to meet the diverse interests of our membership. (There may be fees associated with participation in a particular activity, but we strive to keep costs minimal.)
Other: Families enjoy several discounts at area businesses with proof of membership. We also offer a free lending library, which is supported through our Scholastic Book Club orders, donations and fundraising.

Kingston Homeschool Connection
Contact: Crystal Lehtimaki, (613)530-3815,
Contact: Samantha Knapp, (613)634-8402
Yahoo Group:
Facebook Page:
Area served: Kingston and area
Description: active, inclusive homelearning group with a wide range of homelearning styles. All are welcome.
Activities: a wide range of activities including bowling, swimming, library programs, field trips, social evenings and more. We also hope to continuously build a directory of homelearners in the area so that homelearners are able to find other homelearners.
Membership Fees/Requirements: none

30 – Brockville – Leeds /Grenville

Brockville Home Learners
Contact: Bonni Altenphol
Phone: (613) 342-2410
Area Served: Brockville
Membership Fees/Requirements: We do not have membership fees but our group depends on everyones willingness to work together and help plan activities.

Dundas Grenville Home Educators’ Association
Contact: Lorie McDonald
Phone: 613-989-6195
Area Served: North and South Dundas, Kemptville, Cardinal, Spencerville, Grenville, Prescott
Membership Fees/Requirements: $10 – this allows access to private Facebook group and e-mail lists and directory access.

Oxford Home Learning Association
Contact: The Grahams
Area served: Kemptville/North Grenville

31 – Cornwall – Stormont /Dundas /Glengarry

Cornwall Homeschoolers
Contact: Sylvie Lebel
Phone: 613-933-6093
Area Served: Cornwall and surrounding area
Website: n/a
Other links:
Description: This is to post activities /events that are being organised or thought of, school material exchange, etc…
Membership Fees/Requirements: There is no fee. It is open to every homeschooling family. Anyone can read the posted messages, members can post a message.

Dundas Grenville Home Educators’ Association
Contact: Lorie McDonald
Phone: 613-989-6195
Area Served: North and South Dundas, Kemptville, Cardinal, Spencerville, Grenville, Prescott
Membership Fees/Requirements: $10 – this allows access to private Facebook group and e-mail lists and directory access.

32 – Hawkesbury – Prescott /Russell

33 – Ottawa
An online bulletin board at for homeschoolers in Ottawa and surrounding areas
(and “The World”) for the following:

  • Post/answer questions and share experiences
  • Buy or Sell your used curriculum or other teaching materials
  • Discover/promote your home-school business
  • Post/find free trips, events, etc.
  • Search old postings
  • Find new friends and other homeschoolers

Osgoode District Home Educators
Contact: Shelley Barnes
Web Site: none
Other Links:
Area Served: Rural communities on the south side of Ottawa (Metcalfe, Greely, Osgoode, Winchester, Chesterville, Kemptville, Russell)
Description: We are an inclusive group open to all homeschooling families in the rural communities on the south side of Ottawa. We have a yahoo group that provides us with a central location for everyone to post events, activities, classes, gatherings and information of interest to the group. Everyone is encouraged to plan activities. This spreads the workload and gives us a more diverse selection of activities. We welcome new members of all ages.
Activities: We have field trips, classes, picnics, clubs, and get togethers. Some of our activities happen on a regular basis while others happen only once. The frequency of our events depends on the number of people willing to plan activities.
Membership Fees/Requirements: We do not have membership fees but our group depends on everyone willingness to work together and help plan activities.

Ottawa Homeschool
Contact: Carrie Meigh
Web Site: n/a
Other Links:
Area Served: Ottawa & surrounding areas
Description: Ottawa Homeschool yahoo group is a very informal group of local home schooling families in the Ottawa area. It is open to everyone interested in homeschooling, and becoming part of a supportive network for each other in the dailies of homeschooling life, as well as even getting together for outings, trips, playdates.
Membership Fees/Requirements: Absolutely nothing – just an interest in home schooling.

Home Based Learning Network (HBLN)
Contact: Atiya Hussain
Phone: (613) 592 0861
Web Site:
Area Served: The National Capital Region
Description: We are a totally inclusive group. Families of any homeschooling philosophy or cultural or religious background are welcome to join us. We do not endorse any specific philosophy of education or parenting except to promote awareness of educational alternatives. We have over 370 families and operate mainly through an email/phone tree through which different activities are announced by members.
Activities: All types of activities are organized. We have study groups, weekly academic gatherings (ie. book clubs, science class), sports activities, single day excursions, picnics, special interest clubs, and many other activities too numerous to name. In early September we have a Not Going Back to School Picnic. Later in September we have our annual meeting. We have organized a large Homeschooling Conference more or less yearly since 1999.
Membership Fees/Requirements: Free

Rideau Valley Home Educators Association
PO Box 72168, Kanata ON K2K 2P4
Contact: see the RVHEA website for current contact info
Web Site:
Area Served: Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec
Description: RVHEA is a Christian, volunteer, non-profit organization. We welcome as members anyone interested in the education of children at home. Our purpose is to offer support to home schooling families as well as to increase awareness and acceptance of alternative education by the community and school boards. The current membership is made up of families from the Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec region.
Activities: Whatever activities parents volunteer to arrange. Some examples include swimming lessons, gymnastics, track & field, museum trips, NAC, teaching co-ops, teen groups, meetings, annual conference, used book sales, newsletter, Upper Canada Village, phone/email tree, C.T.B.S. testing, graduation, etc.
Membership Fees/Requirements: One-year membership from September to August is $40.00 if paid before September and $50.00 after September 1.

Web site or other link:
Area Served: Ottawa and area
Description: Groupe francophone de discussions pour les familles qui enseignent à leurs enfants.

34 – Perth – Lanark

Lanark County Homeschoolers
Description: a network for homeschoolers and unschoolers in Lanark County to communicate with one another about upcoming field trips, workshops, book sales or any other homeschooling activity. Responsibility is on each member to thoroughly check out each activity before joining.
Membership requirements: Membership is restricted. To join you must supply your first & last name, first name & age of children and address. This information will not be published or shared with other users. This is for the moderator only.

35 – Pembroke – Renfrew

Christian Homeschoolers Adventuring Together (CHAT)
Contact: Stephanie Bergsma
Phone: 613-582-3530
Web Site:
Area Served: Pembroke/Beachburg/Westmeath/Renfrew/Cobden
Description: our mission is to provide affordable, quality and fun-filled learning experiences to children in the homeschooling community.? We exist to encourage, support and build-up a community of Christian homeschool families.
Activities: twice each month for 2-3 hours; each session is chosen, planned and organized by a different family in the group, dividing the responsibilities equally among everyone
Membership fees/requirements: to be determined.
Other: We’re just a new group so I’m first looking for Christian families to contact me so we can set up a planning/information session.

36 – Haliburton – Haliburton

North-Eastern Ontario

37 – Bracebridge – Muskoka

Muskoka HomeSchoolers Linked
Description: MHSL e-group’s goal is to establish an on-line community for the ever-growing number of Homeschooling families living full or part-time in the Muskoka, Parry Sound and Almaguin Areas. Its purpose is to give homeschoolers a place to share field trip ideas, fun outings or educational events, dates and times, curriculum ideas or questions, group meeting dates and time reminders, craft ideas, book recommendations, educational websites, used curriculum, local curriculum sales, as well as additional daily support and a discussion place for homeschooling families. It is open to individuals of all faiths and educational philosophies.
Membership requirements: The only requirement is respect for the sincere opinions of others. Religious debating and Flaming are prohibited. Merchant/Vendor Advertising is not allowed without moderator approval. Used curriculum for sale may be posted at any time.

38 – Parry Sound – Parry Sound District

39 – North Bay – Nipissing District

40 – Sudbury – Sudbury District

Sudbury Ontario Homeschool
online group:

41 – Manitoulin – Manitoulin District

42 – Sault Ste Marie – Algoma District

Sault Area Homeschool Association
M.E.S.S. Mom’s, education, support, and socialization

43 – Timiskaming District

North-Western Ontario

44 – Kenora District

Northwestern Ontario Homeschoolers
Area Served: Kenora, Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Emo, Fort Frances, Red Lake, Nipigon, Thunder Bay, Vermillion Bay, Atikokan, Ignace, or anywhere else in that neck of the woods
Description: If you are homeschooling/unschooling or thinking about homeschooling/unschooling, and you live in Northwestern Ontario, then this is the group for you! NWO HOME EDUCATORS UNITE! The idea of this group is simply to connect homeschoolers in NWO.

45 – Rainy River District

46 – Thunder Bay District

Thunder Bay Christian Homeschoolers
Contact: Carla Harbron
Web Site:
Area Served: Thunder Bay and surrounding area
Description: Christian

47 – Cochrane District

Cochrane District Home Schooling
Contact: Wendy Cole
Phone: 705-236-4123
Web site: n/a
Other links:
Area Served: Cochrane District including * Timmins * Cochrane * Hearst * Iroquois Falls * Kapuskasing * Moosonee * Smooth Rock Falls * Black River-Matheson * Ramore * Fauquier-Strickland * Mattice-Val * Moonbeam * Opasatika * Val Rita-Harty * Abitibi * Constance Lake * Factory Island * Flying Post * Fort Albany * Moose Factory
Description: Created in January 2008, the goal is to become a network of homeschooling parents, to create a welcoming environment for ALL homeschoolers, fostering the development of friendships and community through participation in various activities and events.
Activities: Requesting all home educators in the area pop in, introduce themselves, plan a play date, event, field trip or activity. To provide our kids with the best network of social, educational, and fitness opportunities.

Timmins Homeschooling
Contact: Nathan and Alaina
Area Served: Timmins and surrounding towns and areas
Description: We are a group of homeschooling families that meet informally. We welcome new contacts!

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