Student Cards for Homeschoolers on TTC

TTC Allows Student Passes for Homeschoolers

The Toronto Transit Commission now allows home educated students who live in Toronto to pay student fares. Beginning this school year 2000/2001, homeschoolers can get TTC Student Discount Cards. The new cards issued will have HBL (Home Based Learner) in the space on the card usually reserved for the school name.

To get a student discount card a request must be sent in writing to: Toronto Transit Commission, 1900 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1Z2, Attention: Mr Bob Brent, Chief Marketing Officer .

The written request must include the name of the home-educated student, proof of date of birth, and a copy of the letter notifying the school board of the parents’/guardians’ intention to home school. The letter of notification should include the name, address, and telephone number of at least one of the student’s parents or guardians.

Upon the Chief Marketing Officer’s approval, this documentation will be forwarded to the TTC’s central photo facility. The home-educated student will then be notified to go to the facility where he/she will be photographed, and a Student Card will be issued immediately.

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