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New Study of Homeschool Adults

Article on a New Study of Homeschool Adults, written by Keith Middleton and published in the February 2004 issue of Home Rules, the newsletter of the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents.

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Testing Your Children

Many homeschooling parents are concerned as to whether or not their children are working at the same grade level as their “public schooled” counterparts and want to know where and how they can have their children tested. If you are concerned about how your homeschooled children are doing academically – or are just curious –


Buying Club + Homeschooling = Many Educational Experiences

This article was originally printed in the Ontario Natural Food Co-op (ONFC) newsletter, “Food For Thought”, June 2002, Issue No. 35. ONFC is a wholesale distributor of natural and organic foods and other products. Parents of homeschooled children are always seeking ways to provide educational experiences for their children. I have found that operating a


Informal Learning

In 1998 The National Research Network on New Approaches to Lifelong Learning (NALL) at OISE/UT conducted the first Canadian survey on informal learning of 1500 Canadian adults. The research was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The purpose of NALL was to identify the extent of adult learning, the existence

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Home Education Memoirs: A Personal Biography of Our Journey – Part 2

In the April 2002 issue of Home Rules, Jeanne wrote about her family’s ‘journey’ through the school system and ultimately discovering homeschooling. This is Part 2 of her story. How did we do it? In 1989, we started out very simply as far as school work; using Golden Work books and lots of field trips.


Home Education Memoirs: A Personal Biography of Our Journey – Part I

Our research about preschool: When our eldest, Leigh, was a toddler there was much talk about nursery schools, preschool programs and Four Year Old Kindergarten which was the school issue of the early 80’s. Though we had already chosen many alternatives as far as birthing and diet we were pretty steeped in the idea of


How to Measure Home School Education

Are you making the right choice? I have been a home educating parent for a number of years. We have only one child who is now a teenager. Except for a brief experience at public school in grades two and three, he has received the majority of his education here at home. I will admit


Fraser Institute Study on Home Schooling

Home schooling is an effective alternative to the public school system The Fraser Institute issued a press release on October 9 [2001] summarizing their study entitled, “Home Schooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream”. Here are some quotes from Claudia Hepburn, director of education policy at the Institute: In the past decade, home schooling has

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How Do Homeschooling Parents Know Their Children Are Learning?

The assumption that homeschooling parents somehow lack awareness of their children’’s progress, and therefore require formal evaluation of that progress, is related to the fact that homeschoolers function beyond the arena of the schools, and our philosophies and methods are not always well-understood. How do homeschooling parents know their children are learning? The answer to


Good News!! School Health Support Services Update

There has been a positive change in the service delivery model for School Health Support Services. The service delivery model for SHSS is now the same as it is for the Personal Support initiative. This means that the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will still assess children for eligibility and determine the type and level

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