Summer 2020 Online Homeschool Conferences

Homeschool conferences online summer 2020

A list of some of the online homeschool conferences (webinars) happening in July and August 2020.

Homeschooling Global Summit 2020
free and still accessible
June 29 - July 8 2020
hosted by the Homeschooling Global Society

Do It Yourself At Home Special Education Homeschool Conference
ends August 31 2020
hosted by SPED Homeschool (USA)

Homeschooling for Newbies in Canada
$10 (CAD)
July 13-17 2020
hosted by Maple Tree Publications

Homeschooling Online Conference
July 13-19 2020
hosted by Parenting Twins Hub (USA)

GETTING-IT-Together Parenting Summit 2020
July 15-17 2020
hosted by Math Codes

Homeschooling Special Needs Online Conference
$22 (USD)
starts July 21 2020
hosted by Homeschooling One Child (USA)

Reimagine Education Conference
(OFTP member Sarah Wall is one of the speakers)
access starts at $10 (USD)
July 27 - August 1 2020

Socially Distanced Homeschool Conference
$40 (CAD) basic access
$100 (CAD) access plus bonuses
August 3-7 2020
hosted by Homeschool Social Magazine (Sarah Stewart)

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