Wescott Tutoring & Educational Services

Larry Wescott is a former homeschooling father who has successfully graduated all three of his children. Larry is also a certified teacher (certified and experienced in two provinces) and experienced tutor.  He is qualified and experienced in many areas, including science, math, special education, adult education and guidance. He recognizes that education is not a one size fits all and needs to be tailor-made to suit the individual's learning style.

Wescott Tutoring & Educational Services offers the following services:

  • Online Tutoring offered all across Ontario and Canada, via Skype.
  • Tutoring in person -- Private or group tutoring in the Ottawa, Ontario area
  • Homeschooling Support
  • Invigilating Services
  • Workshops & Classes
  • Tutoring / educational services for Special Needs Students
  • Adult Education / tutoring



Website: http://www.wescotteducational.com
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Contact: Larry
Email: wescotteducational@hotmail.com
Phone: 613-421-7931

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