EssayJack is an interactive web platform that helps students write essays and helps home educators teach essay writing. EssayJack pre-structures student essays, reduces writing anxiety and allows parent customization and feedback. EssayJack was created by two professors at Canadian universities in response to the deficits they observed in their students' approach to essay writing. Having your child compose his or her essays on the EssayJack platform ensures that these essays will conform to academic standards and match the expectations of your child's future teachers and professors.

Parents can buy an account just for their child, or they can also have a parent account that is linked to the child's. This allows parents to see, comment, mark up, and otherwise oversee their child's writing progress. An EssayJack student account includes standard templates; with a parent account, the platform can be customised for almost any writing task. A parent account also allows home educators to "scaffold" their child's essay: they can turn on individual components of a template one at a time, so that a student begins by just writing a topic sentence and by the end of the process has written an entire essay.

In addition to reinforcing structure and providing guidance and support during the writing process, EssayJack also eliminates the anxiety caused by staring at a blank screen. EssayJack can be used as a teaching tool in that it breaks the essay into discrete, manageable chunks, providing tips, prompts and definitions for each component of the essay. Home educators whose children will be applying to colleges and universities can also create or commission a custom template for the application essays.

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Grades 6 - post-secondary