Online summits for parents — Fall 2020

Online Summits & Conferences Fall 2020

The Emergency Home Learning (& More) Summit

free, presented by LearningRevolution
October and November 2020

The how-to summit for home-based and home-centered learning.

Whether by circumstance or choice, learning at home is now the reality for more students than ever.

We asked our speakers this question: "What do you know about learning that could dramatically help or change the lives of students (as well as parents, teachers, librarians, and others) at this moment?"

This event is for everyone interested in helping students to learn, because we're having what may be one of the most important conversations about learning in the history of the world.

Understanding when, where, and how learning takes place has never been more important.

Raising Resilient Kids in an Anxious World

free, presented by Happily Family
October 5th to 9th 2020

Support for Mindful Parents to Raise Connected and Confident Kids

This Conference is for you if:

* You appreciate the science of parenting and want to make informed choices about how to raise your kids

* You’re concerned about how kids are being affected by anxiety, depression, screens, the pandemic, racial inequality, and climate change.

* You value the relationship you have with your child and strive to use alternatives to threats and punishment.

Join tens of thousands of other parents, professionals, researchers, and authors sharing the science of parenting.

Get practical tools to make everyday family life easier.

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