Current Policy on Homeschooling in Ontario

Policy/Program Memorandum No.131

The government's official current policy on homeschooling is Policy/Program Memorandum No. 131. The entire PPM131 relates to home schooling, and we discuss the policy in detail on other pages, but the following excerpts represent the main points: [emphasis added]

Procedures for Parents

Parents who decide to provide home schooling for their child(ren) should notify the school board of their intent in writing. [...]

Procedures for School Boards

When parents give a board written notification of their intent to provide home schooling for their child, the board should consider the child to be excused from attendance at school, in accordance with subsection 21(2), clause (a), of the Education Act. The board should accept the written notification of the parents each year as evidence that the parents are providing satisfactory instruction at home.

Normally, the board should not investigate the matter. [...]

Guidelines for Conducting an Investigation

[...] Whether meeting with the family or reviewing information submitted in writing, board officials should recognize that the methodology, materials, schedules, and assessment techniques used by parents who provide home schooling may differ from those used by educators in the school system.

One of the areas in which home educators may still disagree with the government's interpretation of the law, is in terms of whether section 30 of the Education Act ever applies to homeschoolers. PPM131 expresses a disputable interpretation of that section of the law in the following paragraph of the Guidelines for Conducting an Investigation:

[...] If the board is unable to determine from this investigation whether the child is receiving satisfactory instruction at home, it may take further action, in accordance with subsection 24(2) and/or section 30 of the Education Act.