2001 – Private School Funding Ontario

OFTP was asked to comment in the press about the proposed tax credits for families sending their children to private schools. Here is the statement OFTP provided. It was drafted by Donna Sheehan after solicited input from members, and approved by consensus of the executive.

OFTP is pleased with the direction of the current government's policy which encourages the availability of educational alternatives to public schooling in our diverse society in order to address the educational needs of children in Ontario.

The tax credit for private schools will not likely have an impact on many of our homeschooling members. If we are indeed witnessing a shift in the government's position to supporting educational alternatives then the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents  is pleased with this development as this has been our wish for many years.

We  believe in  parents' right to choose a model of education best suited to their children, educational philosophy and family values.

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