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Wendy Elizabeth Hart

Freeschoolin' Author, Illustrator

Freeschoolin Picture Journal

The Freeschoolin' Picture Journal

80 pages of space for students to draw, write, sticker, or otherwise creatively record their homeschool days. Bonus Colouring Pages!

Freeschoolin Journal

The Freeschoolin' Journal

Over 80 pages that are perfect for facilitators to record homeschool achievements and adventures, with inspiring and adorable illustrations throughout.

"Freeschoolin': Life Is My School!"

In this charming children's picture book, follow six year old Hope as she shares how she loves learning every day through passion-led education in Ontario, Canada.

Organic Freeschoolin' Wear

100% Organic T-shirts, Totes and more, shipped and packaged eco friendly. Rich in colour and quality, there is sure to be something in our store for everyone!

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Colouring Pages
Journal Templates

Marian Buchanan


Colouring Book - Volume 1

"Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas: Volume 1 - 30 beautiful kaleidoscope designs to help you find your flow"

Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas

Colouring Book - Volume 2

"Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas: Volume 2 - 30 more beautiful kaleidoscope designs to help you find your flow"

Calendars and Greeting Cards

Seasons of the Soul - Fractal Mandalas - calendar

These fractal mandala designs, their names, and their accompanying text, were all created through an intuitive, meditative process. These 12 were chosen for this calendar from among a larger series, to represent the Seasons of the Soul for the coming year.

Astrological Energies Calendar

Astrological Energies - calendar

The 12 signs of the zodiac illustrated by Marian Buchanan. Rather than rendering the glyphs or animal symbols, these watercolour paintings depict the energy of each sign as a symbolic, scenic interpretation. The text that accompanies each picture describes the symbolism and indicates the dates during which the Sun is usually in the sign.

Rated PG-13 for some slight nudity. To view it, change the Filter to Moderate (from the default Safe filter) through the setting link in Zazzle's footer menu.

Astrological Energies - notecards

Each of the 12 zodiac sign illustrations is available singly as a blank notecard. Printed by offset on partially recycled paper and comes with an envelope.

Zoetic Endeavours Greeting Cards and Notecards

Nature & Spirit
Meditation & Healing
Decorative Art
Seasonal (Christmas Angels and Solstice Snowflakes)

Astrology Reports and ArtCharts

Whether or not you believe in astrology, it's always fun to see what zodiac signs are in your astrology chart, and what they mean! Marian has a number of astrology products:

An ArtChart is an illustrated astrological birth chart. Marian has designed a few styles from which to choose. Each ArtChart is uniquely custom-created based on the person's date, time, and place of birth.

AstrologyBabies ArtChart
Astrological Energies ArtChart

To understand what the ArtChart and planetary positions mean, you need an interpretation report. Marian offers several (including some not yet listed on her sites, so check back again later!)

The AstrologyBabies ArtChart comes bundled with a Child*Star report, written by a Montessori teacher, with lots of helpful, gentle guidance on how to parent your child based on the tendencies indicated by their chart. The Child*Star report is also available on its own.

Pour les francophones, le portrait astrologique AstroBébés est accompagné d'une interprétation KiddieGram en français.

For each zodiac sign in the Astrologybabies/Astrobebes set, there are 4 ethnicities to choose from.

If you'd like to offer an astrological report or ArtChart as a gift but you don't know the person's birth details (date, place, and time of birth), you can give it to them as a gift certificate.

Organic T-shirts

Marian's Nature & Spirit artwork is available on organic cotton T-shirts printed on demand in a factory powered by renewable energy.

One of the designs is "live free * learn free" for celebrating unschooling / non-coercive education.

T-shirts, Totes, Babywear, Mugs, Jewelry Boxes, and more

Marian's Nature & Spirit artwork is also available on mugs, jewelry boxes, and more on Zazzle.*

Marian's Astrologybabies artwork is also available on Zazzle, including babywear.

I'm the cutest little Taurus
Astrologybabies babywear

If there's a product you'd like that doesn't yet have a design by Marian that you'd like, first select any product that does have the design you want, scroll down to the section of that page that's under the heading "Transfer design to a product" and select the product onto which you want to place the design.

Zazzle products include all the usual clothing items like T-shirts and hoodies, all the usual paper products like cards and posters, plus all kinds of other items like phone cases, erasers, yoga mats, frisbees, clocks, lamps, plates, shower curtains, blankets, towels, backpacks, belts, hats, puzzles, skateboards...

(You can also customize their blank products yourself by uploading your own artwork files.)

Ryan's Giant - children's book

Written by Allen Morgan (author of the Matthew and the Midnight... series) and illustrated by Marian Buchanan, this book contains 3 stories and a song for each one. They're about Ryan's friend the giant, who likes bad dreams and eats real junk for food, and the giant's pet dinosaur.

The book was published in 1992 and is now out of print, but Marian still has a box of over 100 copies she's selling directly. To enquire about ordering a copy, email her at

You can see a preview of the book on the author's website:

"Buchanan's pictures display creative playfulness and show the warmth of the giant\child friendship." - TORONTO STAR - MAY 16, 1992

Jesse's Dream Skirt - annotated colouring book

Jesse's Dream Skirt is the story of a little boy who wears a skirt to daycare. How will the other children react? The story, written by Bruce Mack, was originally published in a magazine in 1977. The book version, published in 1979 by Lollipop Power, was illustrated by Marian Buchanan. Over the years, it became a classic in certain education circles and was used in some schools as part of an anti-bullying campaign. To find out more about the story, read the Jesse’s Dream Skirt Project blog posts.

This year (2019), for the 40th anniversary of the book, there will be an annotated colouring book edition of all the illustrations. If you’d like to be notified when it becomes available (aiming for sometime in November), please join Marian's mailing list (check the Jesse’s Dream Skirt Project checkbox and any other newsletters you may be interested in) or contact her at

Free downloads

Marian's free colouring sheets, games, and a Standikin (what's that? visit the website to find out!)

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