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Teen transitions

As the web manager for the Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page, I somehow got put on the newsletter mailing list for […] the main reason I’m blogging about this is to let you know of something else I discovered on the Teen Mental Health website: an online or downloadable booklet called Transitions. […]

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Home-Schooled Students Face Hurdles to Higher Education

University registrars in Ontario and a federation of parents who teach their children at home are beginning talks about how to admit home-schooled students to Ontario universities. There aren’’t any formal guidelines for dealing with home-schooled students, and universities have trouble slotting them into the system because they are such a varied group. “”It’’s a

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University Entrance Letter exchange

There has been a great deal of discussion recently around the issue of Ontario universities admitting homeschooled applicants. Shelley Welchner, who started the OFTP Universities Project, recently sent me a couple of thoughtful questions about this and I thought other people might have an interest in these issues. Below is her question and my response

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