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FAQ: What are some of the benefits of homeschooling?

Different approaches to homeschooling offer different benefits to some degree, but there are also major benefits that all approaches share in common. Parental choice The freedom to choose their homeschooling approach in the first place allows parents to avail themselves of the specific homeschooling benefits they want, based on their own values and philosophies of

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Reply to a Fellow Home Educator

Your concerns about your son’s socialization are important.  Everybody worries about their child’s social development, but for those  of us who homeschool, and for those of us with only children the issue seems to be that much greater. The family is the primary agent of socialization.  The fact that your child is extremely social means

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Homeschooling and Citizenship

A summary of the research report “Homeschooling and the Redefinition of Citizenship” by Bruce Arai. Bruce Arai teaches courses in research methods, statistics, and the sociology of work at Wilfrid Laurier University. His research interests include homeschooling, educational assessment, and economic sociology, particularly self-employment. Professor Arai is also the author of a study entitled “”Changes

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So —— What About Socialization?

I have never in my adult life been treated as cruelly as I was for the 7 years of elementary school. If that was supposed to prepare me for “real life,” I guess I haven’t yet entered “real life.” Tia Leschke, homeschooling parent My objection to the social life of almost all schools is that

Topics: Socialization