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Switching to Home-Based Learning in the Teen Years in Ontario

When parents start considering homeschooling a child who is already in middle school or high school after years of school attendance, it’s usually because of difficulties the teen is experiencing in school. There could be any number of issues: struggling to keep up academically experiencing bullying or discrimination experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression or a

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Teen transitions

As the web manager for the Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page, I somehow got put on the newsletter mailing list for […] the main reason I’m blogging about this is to let you know of something else I discovered on the Teen Mental Health website: an online or downloadable booklet called Transitions. […]

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Home-Grown Ontario Kids Grow Up

Editor’s note: Because so many new home educators are concerned about how this “radical” decision to take responsibility for their own children’s education will affect them in later years, it is sometimes helpful to look at what has happened to kids who have been through the experience already. I asked Brenda Shaw, a home-educated young

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