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OFTP session at the 2020 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference

The 2020 Canadian Online Homeschool Conference is happening Feb 5-11, 2020. Speaking on behalf of the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents, Marian Buchanan’s Feb.7 session is called Homeschooling in Ontario: How it Works and How to Get Started.

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Holiday Gift-Giving? Give a gift made by an OFTP Member!

Holiday Gift-Giving? Give a gift made by an OFTP Member!

Letting you know early so there’s time for shipping: We have some talented people in the OFTP membership! Check out what some of our members have on offer for gift-giving this holiday season! Browse by artist: Wendy Elizabeth Hart – Freeschoolin’ Author, Illustrator Marian Buchanan – Artist Or skip to a product: children’s book by

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Solidarité avec les familles éducatrices au Québec

La Fédération ontarienne de parents enseignants est solidaire avec les familles québécoises faisant l’enseignement à la maison, en opposition au projet de règlement visant à changer l’encadrement de l’éducation à domicile au Québec. Voici la lettre que nous avons envoyée au Ministre de l’Éducation du Québec :

Solidarity with Quebec Homeschoolers

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents stands in solidarity with homeschooling families in Quebec in opposition to the proposed changes to the regulation of home education in that province. Here is the letter we sent to the Quebec Minister of Education:

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Spring 2019 Home Education Conferences

Homeschool Conferences in Ontario Spring 2019

Dates, locations, and registration links for the Homeschool Conferences happening in Ontario in Spring 2019.

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What Must an Educated Person Know?

In an article titled The Curriculum of Necessity or What Must an Educated Person Know?, John Taylor Gatto quoted Harvard University’s list of ten qualities it suggests are essential to successfully adapting to the rapidly changing world of work: The ability to define problems without a guide. The ability to ask hard questions which challenge

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