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OFTP Members Newsletter – April 2021

OFTP - The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents - You CAN educate your child at home!

Happy Spring Valued Members!This month’s newsletter edition includes links to resources and helpful information for Ontario homeschool families.May April shower your family with ample learning opportunities and space to grow.Take Care! In This Issue: F*r*e*e Presentations From Skills Ontario Abeka Curriculum Community Agri-Food Education Junior Wolf Biologist Training Guide Nature Canada Resources Farm and Pond

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Online Summits and Conferences — Winter 2021

Canadian Online Homeschool Conference 2021”Confidence. Community. Canada” February 3 – 9, 2021OnlineHosted by The Canadian Homeschooler (Lisa-Marie Fletcher)”50+ Speakers. Nearly 60 Sessions for New Homeschoolers, Veteran Homeschoolers, Families with Disabled and Neurodivergent Learners, and sessions specifically for Kids & Youth. Live Interactive Events. Prizes & Giveaways. Special Offers & More.” The speaking sessions are

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Online summits for parents — Fall 2020

Online Summits & Conferences Fall 2020

Online Summits & Conferences of interest to homeschooling parents — Fall 2020

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“Not Going Back To School” gatherings — fall 2020

“Not Back To School” gatherings have traditionally been held outside, at parks or other outdoor community spaces. This year, that open space advantage can help with holding them in spite of the pandemic, with physical distancing in mind. Here are the ones of which we’re aware.

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Summer 2020 Online Homeschool Conferences

Homeschool conferences online summer 2020

A list of some of the online homeschool conferences (webinars) happening in July and August 2020.

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How does a single work-at-home mom homeschool six kids including two with special needs?

Sarah Wall interview on The HomeSchool CEO podcast

OFTP member Sarah Wall was interviewed on The HomeSchool CEO podcast, in an episode titled “Leaving Abuse and Homeschooling Six Kids as a Single Homeschool CEO.”

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Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) workshop: Understanding and Helping Behaviourly Challenging Kids

Two-day advanced training workshop by Dr Ross Greene, author of best sellers The Explosive Child and Lost at School. For parents/care-givers/foster parents and/or extended family raising a child who is experiencing challenging behaviours, as well as for professionals providing care, education, or services for such children. MAY 13-14, 2020 London, Ontario Western University Somerville House

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