What We Believe

Mission Statement

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP) is a non-profit, volunteer-managed group committed to providing information about and support of home-based education to our members and the public at large.

Vision Statement

We envision universal acknowledgement and acceptance of home-based education as a viable educational model. OFTP will be recognized as a significant and valuable authority and advocate for home-based education in Ontario.

Values Statements

  • We support parental choice in education as stated in the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (26.3)
  • We believe that parents have the right to determine the satisfactory nature of instruction for their children.
  • We believe in the universal right to family autonomy and freedom of choice, under the law.
  • We believe in fostering cooperation and unity among various home-based education organizations.
  • We respect and support the diversity that exists in the home-based education community which represents a broad spectrum of families embracing many different religious, philosophical, ethnic and home-based education traditions.
  • We believe in the rights of parents to choose the educational method that is in alignment with their beliefs and the learning style of their child.
  • We respect the uniqueness of all children and their right to play an important role in their own education.

Our Hopes for Good Relations with Schools and School Boards

OFTP encourages a respectful interchange between school boards/schools and home educators which recognizes the independent choice of parents exercising their right to determine the educational model best suited to their children. Such a relationship would promote positive awareness and mutual understanding, broadening and enriching the concept of education for everyone involved.

OFTP believes that some educational experiences are available at schools that could be shared with home educators without compromising the needs of regular students. We believe there are contributions home educated students and their parents can make to the life of the local school community.

OFTP believes schools and school boards have educational materials and resources which could be shared with home educators.