OFTP regional picnics

Want to connect with other OFTP members? If it's summertime, how about organizing and/or attending a regional OFTP picnic? Use the usual communication channels (OFTP forums, or contact the general administration volunteers) to join the volunteer committee for your area or to find out what the local plans are so far, or check out this page to find out what's being planned by members around Ontario.

Organizers, please send your OFTP picnic's date, time, location and contact information to website@ontariohomeschool.org so we can list the event here. Thanks!


  • Places: beach, conservation area, city park
  • Activities: frisbee throwing, kite flying, ball games, bubble blowing, racquet games, sandcastle building, co-operative group games, swimming
  • Food: potluck or each family brings their own
  • Protection: sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, mosquito repellant
  • Information: OFTP brochures, local group brochures, sample homeschooling catalogues and magazines, pencil and paper to share personal contact info
  • ...and most importantly: a co-operative and tolerant manner, a friendly heart, a welcoming smile, and kids, kids, kids!