The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents


OFTP Forums, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Page

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents offers online homeschooling support, information-sharing, discussion and networking through its forums and Facebook Page.

OFTP's Facebook Page is open to all! Visit us at and click the Like button to follow us!

OFTP also sponsors the higheredforhomelearners list, which is open to anyone interested in sharing information about pursuing higher education after homeschooling.

The OFTP Members FB group are FOR MEMBERS ONLY. If you're not currently a member of OFTP... why not join us?

If you're already an OFTP member, you can access the forums by logging in to your registered-user account. To join the FB group, make the request on Facebook and OFTP will check your name against our membership database.

The OFTP Executive Forum and Discussion Forums

These were closed due to disuse in the Spring of 2022. Discussion is encouraged in the OFTP Member Facebook Group.  

OFTP Members FB Group

The Facebook group is also only for OFTP members in good standing. It serves the same purpose as the forums (discussing homeschooling, asking for advice or resource recommendations, volunteering to help run OFTP, networking and making friends, etc.) except on a platform where many people are already spending time.