OFTP Forums and Facebook Page

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents offers online homeschooling support, information-sharing, discussion and networking through its forums and Facebook Page.

OFTP's Facebook Page is open to all! Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/theOFTP/ and click the Like button to follow us!

OFTP also sponsors the higheredforhomelearners list, which is open to anyone interested in sharing information about pursuing higher education after homeschooling.

OFTP Forums are FOR MEMBERS ONLY. If you're not currently a member of OFTP... why not join us?

If you're already an OFTP member, you can access the forums by logging in to your registered-user account.

The OFTP Executive Forum

The OFTP executive is the decision-making body of the organization. OFTP administrators, volunteers, and members-at-large, use the executive section of the OFTP Forums to hold discussions about the initiatives and workings of the OFTP.  This is where members can provide their input, propose actions, offer to volunteer, and discuss plans of initiatives, projects, operations, policies, positions, official responses, and services the organization provides.  All OFTP members are welcome and encouraged to participate. Our decisions are reached by consensus and our decision-making agreement and communication guidelines help us work together to influence the direction of the organization in a mutually supportive way.

The OFTP Discussion Forums

Non-executive discussion on the OFTP Forums is separated into two sections: English and French. Everyone is welcome to use both -- just post in the language of the section you're in.

These forums are where you can discuss general homeschooling issues, make announcements about conferences or new support groups, mention resources or articles you come across, and ask questions related to homeschooling concerns such as dealing with school boards, legalities, or any questions about OFTP. The forums contain all different kinds of categories and topics, and more can be added on request. Come and interact with other members and feel free to post your files and pictures, share your homeschooling experiences and insights, have discussions on different topics relating to homeschooling, and more!