Why Join?

Becoming a member of  the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP) is a good thing for you AND for the rights of all homeschooling families in Ontario!

When you join the OFTP, your membership enables a collective voice for the homeschooling community in Ontario, and provides support for the work OFTP does protecting the rights of all homeschooling families across the province.

Your membership...

  • adds to our numbers, which increases our clout to have an impact;
  • adds any time and skills you're willing to contribute to volunteering, which helps keep the organization running smoothly and provides needed person-power for any projects we'd like to undertake.

Your membership fees pay for...

  • the cost of keeping our website up and running;
  • the cost of long distance phone calls answering hotline enquiries;
  • the cost of phone calls and letters to government officials, school boards, Children's Aid Societies, etc.;
  • the printing and mailing of advocacy letters and documents;
  • the funding of any Home Education conferences that OFTP may host or co-sponsor;
  • any other projects we'd like to take on to help protect the right to homeschool and educate people about homeschooling so it becomes properly accepted by mainstream society, without prejudice, as a viable educational option.

As an OFTP member, you get lots of personal benefits as well. See the details on our page about Benefits of OFTP Membership.

We hope that you can join us to support the valuable work of the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents.