Special Needs Annual Reimbursement Fund

Are you homeschooling a child with a physical or developmental disability under the age of 21?

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents is pleased to offer a Special Needs Annual Reimbursement Fund to its eligible members. This annual funding project began March 10 2013 to help offer support to eligible OFTP homeschooling families who have a special needs child or youth with physical and/or developmental disabilities.


Only OFTP members in good standing who meet the special needs criteria are eligible to be randomly selected to receive a disbursement from the SNARF Program. Not all members who apply will automatically be accepted. This program is under review each year and offered in that year when possible. OFTP Members are notified via the OFTP e-newsletter with instructions when applications are being accepted.

Would you like to help fund this program?

If you would like to make a donation to the SNARF Program to help homeschooled children and youth with special needs, please click the donation button at the top of this webpage, and indicate "SNARF" in your accompanying message.


If you have any questions about the SNARF program or require additional information on homeschooling your child with special needs, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie at any time by email at specialneeds@ontariohomeschool.org.


See our Special Needs section of the Resource Directory for links to resources that we hope you will find useful if you are homeschooling a child who has a specific difficulty or aptitude or whose learning, for various reasons, does not match the typical learning curve. Some of these resources are geared to special physical needs, others to different learning styles.