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Encore School of Music

Encore offers music instruction to inspire students to reach their fullest potential as a musician. Any age, any background, any level. Piano, Vocal, Theory, Sight Reading, Ear Training.


www.MasterMath.info offers free middle school math lessons on over 180 bench marked concepts. Each lesson includes a 10 – 20 minute video lesson, a worksheet to test comprehension (with Answer Sheet), links to other great math websites, and a self-grading quiz that explains how to do any problem the student misses. We also offer online math tutoring.

OG-MSL – Orton Gillingham Tutoring and Training

Certified teacher with additional qualifications and experience offering tutoring in reading, writing and spelling using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Training is also available for parents, teachers, or other professionals who are looking for a way to reach their struggling readers and writers. Evidence-based and appropriate for all ages.

Toronto Songwriting School

Toronto Songwriting School is Canada’s first and only institute devoted exclusively to songwriting.

The Toronto Songwriting School is led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Murray Foster, best known for his work in two legendary Canadian bands: Moxy Früvous and Great Big Sea.

The Young Songwriters Class is available for students age 10-16.

The Mind Palace Tutoring Academy

The Mind Palace Tutoring Academy

We’d be delighted to help supplement/support a homeschooling curriculum. We have our lessons ready, but always tailor them to fit your child’s needs. We generally serve the Downtown Toronto area.