Printable Application Form for OFTP Membership

Parent Name(s)_____________________________________________________________


City___________________________________ Prov.______Postal Code ____________

Phone(____)_________________________ Email_______________________________

How did you find out about OFTP?

Internet ___ Brochure ___ Friend ___ Newspaper ___ (Name of paper) ____________________

Other _____________________________________

May OFTP release your name and contact info to others who wish to contact homeschoolers in their area?

Yes ___ No ___

OFTP is entirely run by volunteers and we need and appreciate the support of members in any of the following areas:
(Please check those you have experience in and/or would be willing to provide assistance with)

Research/Surveys ___
Clerical/Admin ___
Web Design ___
Newsletter Publ ___
Writing Articles, etc.___
PR/Marketing ___
Political Lobbying ___
Local Support Contact ___
Single Parent issues ___
Mailings ___
Web Research ___
Telephoning ___
Social Work Issues ___
Legal Issues___
Public Speaking ___
Conference Planning ___
Contact School/Boards ___
Work on Committees/Projects___
Organize Information Meeting ___
Children with Special Needs Issues___

Please print this and send your completed form to the address below, along with a cheque or money order made payable to OFTP for the following amount:

__________$35 for 1 year, or

__________$90 for 3 years

Send to:

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents
685 McCowan Road
PO Box 66551 McCowan
Scarborough ON M1J 3N8

Or sign up online at Online payments can be made by PayPal account or by credit card through PayPal.