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If you haven’t found what you were looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us to get more information on homeschooling, joining the OFTP, finding homeschooling support in your area, or anything else you may still be wondering about.

General Enquiries

  • General enquiries and feedback: if none of the administrator or liaison contacts below are relevant, you may make a general enquiry at
  • Phone: leave a message at 416-410-5218 or 1-800-704-0448 and a volunteer will get back to you. Please speak clearly and slowly, especially if calling on a cell-phone, otherwise we may not hear your information well enough to be able to get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact an Area Rep if there is one in your area.


If you are an official from the government, a school board, or a Children’s Aid Society, please contact our liaison, Dr. Carlo Ricci, at

If you are a homeschooling parent experiencing difficulties with a government office, a school board or a Children’s Aid Society, and you are seeking related information, advice or support, please contact Carlo at or the liaison letter-writing team at

Special Needs Cases

If you are a homeschooling parent with a child who has special needs and are seeking related information, advice or support, please contact Stephanie at


Note: If you do not get a response from the relevant administrator within what you believe is a reasonable amount of time, please enquire on the yahoogroups or the hotline, or contact the website manager.

  • Membership enquiries: Stephanie
    The membership secretary is responsible for processing new and renewing memberships, maintaining the membership database, and moderating the yahoogroups.
  • Printing & Mailing Coordinator: Stephanie
    The printing-&-mailing coordinator is responsible for mailing out print versions of the newsletter, printed information packages, and any other printed materials that may at times need to be mailed to anyone who cannot receive such materials by electronic means. The printing-&-mailing coordinator also sends certain files by email.
  • Treasurer: Stephanie
    The treasurer maintains the bookkeeping and financial records, receives membership fees forwarded by the membership secretary, and reimburses volunteers for expenses incurred in the performance of their volunteer work for OFTP.
  • Newsletter editor: Stephanie
    The newsletter editor is responsible for desktop publishing of the newsletter, including layout, and processing article submissions and newsletter advertising.
  • Website manager: Marian
    The website management team is responsible for maintaining and updating the website and incoming links, moderating the yahoogroups, and managing the delivery of the electronic version of the newsletter.
  • OFTP Conference coordinator:
    The conference coordinator is responsible for arrangements relating to conference venues, vendors, speakers, and attendees.
  • Hotline Coordinator/Responder: Glenda and Taucha
    The hotline responder is responsible for answering and returning calls that have been left on the OFTP hotline.
  • Post Secondary Admissions Project coordinator: Carlo
    The Post Secondary Admissions Project coordinator serves as a contact person for post-secondary institutions regarding admissions policies for homeschoolers.
  • Area Reps & Support Groups Coordinator: Glenda
    The area-reps-&-support-groups coordinator is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of area reps and support groups, and recruiting area reps for areas that are not currently served. She should be notified of any new groups or changes to existing groups, as well as any updates to area rep contact info.


Area Representatives

Area Reps are able to answer questions about homeschooling and about OFTP. If there is no Area Representative for your area and you have questions, please email

Please note: Area Representatives do not handle any unusual membership issues such as not having yet received your membership card, newsletter, or access to the yahoogroups. For help in regards to those enquiries, please contact the membership secretary at

Our Area Representatives’ names, phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the OFTP Area Reps page. The map on that page is divided into 3 regions — Southwest, Southeast and North — which are themselves divided into numbered counties. Area Reps are listed by main region and in geographical/numerical order by county.