Contribute to Our Blog and Newsletter!

Attention All Writers (that means everyone!!)

If you are interested in submitting an article for the blog or the newsletter, here are some guidelines to follow:

Suggested topics

These are just some suggestions, please feel free to add to this list

  • Stories of how and why families homeschool - structured/eclectic/unschooling…...whatever;
  • Curriculum critiques - what do you use; tell us about it;
  • On-line Curriculum sources;
  • Teen stories such as how teenagers successfully entered college or university;
  • Articles from "budding" writers of all ages;
  • Homeschooling as a single parent;
  • Homeschooling a special needs child;
  • Homeschooling a large family;
  • Research on homeschooling;
  • Educational articles that you have come across or have written yourself;
  • Book reviews;
  • Curriculum reviews;
  • Support groups - tell us about your group;

………...the list and ideas are endless!!

Length Restrictions

There are currently no length restrictions but attempts should be made to keep articles concise.

Book Reviews

Please include the author, ISBN number, publisher, price (if available or known), copyright date and name of reviewer. If a homeschooled child has reviewed the book please include the child's age.

Curriculum Reviews

Please include curriculum name, supplier name, supplier contact information (address, telephone, fax, email, website), price, appropriate age/grade level, any other sources where curriculum can be purchased, and name of reviewer.

Your Bio

Please include a brief bio of yourself, approximately 2 to 3 sentences in length, to be included at the end of your article.

Please note: As a not-for-profit group, we cannot pay our contributors. You may, however, include contact information or a link to your website in the bio that accompanies your article.

Sending your submission

For the Members' Newsletter

All submission for the newsletter must be sent to no later than the 27th of each month to be included in the following month’s mailing.

For the Blog

If you are an OFTP member in good standing and have already registered your user account, you can log in to create and submit a blog Post. 

If you have a registered-user account as a Resource Listing Owner and wish to contribute genuinely useful articles (not glorified ads for your products and services), you can request blog-post privileges from the web admin at (please indicate your account username).

If you are neither of the above, please don't bother contacting us with any offers. We are not currently accepting any guest blog posts.

If you're not able to send your submission by email, please contact the web team for an address to which you can send a hard copy by fax or postal mail. Please email for the address or leave a message on the OFTP phone. Please don't send your submission to the OFTP general mailing address, it would only need to be forwarded.