What We Do

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents serves as a liaison between the Ontario homeschooling community and the Ministry of Education, school boards, Children's Aid Societies, and any other agencies whose decisions may impact homeschooling families. Find out more about what we've accomplished so far.

The OFTP also plays an important role in providing information about home-based education in Ontario. Here is a list of the activities we engage in to fulfil that function:

  • OFTP provides information about home learning in Ontario. We can be contacted by phone, email, or visit our website.
  • OFTP maintains this website with information on just about anything you would ever want to know about homeschooling.
  • OFTP has created a membership brochure, booklets, and information sheets on topics such as: homeschooling fact sheet, curriculum resources, suggested books to read, dealing with school boards, information from Education Act, Support Group list, plus many others.
  • OFTP produces a regular newsletter for its membership. Previously a bi-monthly print newsletter, Home Rules, the members' newsletter is now electronic and delivered by email. The contents of any given issue may include book reviews, homeschooling families sharing their stories, upcoming conferences and other events, questions and answers, curriculum resources, websites and much more. Some of the articles are reprinted for public consumption on our website's blog, both to add to our online content and to serve as a sample of what you get when you receive the newsletter as a member.
  • OFTP provides information on the legal status of home education in Ontario and refers people to resources and places where they can find support for their decision to teach their children using alternative educational methods.
  • OFTP provides a continuing presence for home learners in Ontario with the government through letters, phone calls and meetings with Ministry of Education officials all the way up to the Minister's office.
  • Through letters and phone calls to school board officials as needed, OFTP provides school boards with information about the legalities of homeschooling under the Ontario Education Act.
  • OFTP is a member of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS) which helps to provide a continuing presence for home learners in Ontario with the Ministry of Education. Some of the objectives of OFIS are: working for parental choice in education, providing a liaison with government agencies, assisting groups to obtain health services for children.
  • OFTP has hosted and sponsored homeschooling conferences. These conferences help to bring homeschoolers across the province together to obtain support and information as well as opportunities to view and purchase curriculum resources. If you're interested in hosting an OFTP-sponsored conference in your area, please see our policy on OFTP Funding of Regional Conferences.
  • OFTP responds to media inquiries regarding the nature of homeschooling in Ontario and, subject to volunteer availability, may give interviews to radio, TV, newspapers, and online media.
  • OFTP may at times attend various homeschooling conferences and curriculum fairs organized by individuals or local support groups across the province, in order to offer support, advice, encouragement and information.
  • Information Meetings, organized by homeschoolers, have been held across Ontario. These meetings are attended by representatives of OFTP who can provide information about home learning as well as share their knowledge and experiences. Please contact OFTP if you're interested in organizing an information meeting in your area.