OFTP Policy for Co-sponsorship of Regional Conferences and Curriculum Fairs

This policy was established in 2003 when the OFTP was unable to organize its Diversity in Education conference and a survey indicated that conferences were needed in other parts of the province than just the GTA. The OFTP sometimes still organizes its own conference, but no longer on a set annual basis. Funding of regional conferences allows the OFTP to enable Home Education conferences happening in a broader range of places and times -- as long as there are volunteers in the regional communities who are willing to help make it happen.

OFTP Policy for Co-sponsorship of Regional Conferences and Curriculum Fairs

1. OFTP will help fund regional/local conferences or curriculum fairs in our continued effort to support homeschoolers in Ontario.

2. These conferences will be organized and run by members of the support group, with support from OFTP should they request it.

3. OFTP and the group sponsoring the conference will share the profits, the amount or percentage to be determined a) according to the amount of seed money OFTP originally invested or b) according to a predetermined percentage between the OFTP executive and the local support group.

4. OFTP is willing to underwrite all or some of the potential losses depending on the financial circumstances of the support group.

5. OFTP asks that any support group submit a plan detailing a tentative budget, a request for seed capital, a plan to share profits and loss, and a general plan for the conference or fair. The plan should be sent to OFTP as early as possible in the planning process.

6. OFTP offers support in any areas the groups may request i.e. promotion, expertise, volunteers, presenters.

7. OFTP requests that:
a) the OFTP logo be used to indicate co-sponsorship;
b) there be discounts for OFTP members;
c) there be promotion of OFTP membership;
d) there be a free display table for OFTP; and
e) there be one OFTP member/conference committee member to act as liaison with the OFTP executive.